• Our Hair-Care Regime

    In January, I started the hair styling journey of my daughter, starting to twist her hair into locks.  It was quite a task, I must admit!  And since then, maintaining Nielsine’s locks in perfect shape with optimum moisturization has been one of my daily tasks. But one I have really loved to devote time and effort to


    After 2 and a half months, the process has been greatly rewarding, I  always try to keep the products minimal and as natural as I can. Here are the hair care products I use.

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  • Sharing my Outfits !

    As I am sure you already realize, I love fashion! Just couldn’t live without it…. And styling myself gives me a very special satisfaction – out of professional pride.

    silvia njoki outfits

    Over the past months I have regularly shared my outfit of the day,  on instagram and Facebook and have had many enthusiastic reactions from my friends and followers.

    Most Requesting details of where I shop.

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  • My Baby Is One !!!

    Our wonderful daughter, Nielsine, turned 2 days ago. And we celebrated the endless happiness and joy she has brought into our lives and continues to give us every single day.


    The day was spent entirely in her spirit in a relaxed, unpretentious and happy manner which she could enjoy through and through.

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  • KIKOY SERIES – Baby A line dress

    I love kikoys, which are inexpensive, colourful and cheerful fabrics. in the next few weeks.  I will be doing a ‘mini-collection’ of baby items made from Kikoy . A cavalcade of kikoy style !


    PicMonkey Collage

    Originally kikoys were conceived as an outfit worn by men on the East African coast from Kenya to Zanzibar, and they come in a wide variety of colour-combinations and designs.  But today also women wear them (which has encouraged the manufacturers to add more feminine colours to their palette), and for chilling at home I love to wrap myself in one, when the weather allows.

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  • Nielsine’s Dread Lock Journey

    Since the last  post showing Nielsine’s dread locks, I have been getting requests from some of you on how I did her hair.

    baby in dreadlocks


    And because it is such a beautiful journey, which I expect to become more and more exciting with the passing time, and since you have shown so much interest in it already, I want to share it here on my blog as often as possible.

     Three weeks have already passed since I did the first twist.

    Let me now try to recapitulate the first steps:


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  • Easy Baby Girl Skirt

    On a chill day at home, you will almost always find Nielsine wearing pretty much a diaper and nothing else. occasionally , I will dress her in a onesie or a dress.

    baby skirt

    Here is a cute little skirt I made for her. It is perfect for the sunny weather . here is how I did it

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  • 2014

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Hope you got off to a good start and have wonderful memories of 2013.

    pink baby girl dress

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  • My Tulle Skirt

    Good morning.

    I don’t think I have ever let you down for such a long time, and I really owe you an apology as well as an explanation.

    For the past two months my attention has been largely absorbed by my assignment as Head of Styling for the TV show Tusker Project Fame (TPF6)– as I have earlier briefly mentioned here.  Dressing the contestants plus presenters for two live shows every weekend has been a challenge as well as a source of satisfaction and pride.

    This coupled with moving houses had really taken a toll on me.


    Apart from spending maximum quality time with my family and enjoying the growth and rapid development of our little princess, I had to cut down on other personal requirements.  Except for the daily practice which I adopted during this period: to share my outfit of the day  on Instagram and Facebook, which you may have noticed,  If not, I shall post a few samples here in the near future.


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  • Two in one dress

    For nine months I shared my clothes with my still unborn daughter and enjoyed how our joint growth gradually filled garments with ever increasing waist lines, and I have fond memories of most of the dresses, which she and I then wore together. So, I can’t just let them go. This dress I particularly loved not so much the design, but the print



    Here is the dress before I ‘shared’ it with my little Nielsine

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  • Pink October Maxi Dress

    Good morning lovely ladies,

    As you probably know, the month of October is dedicated to breast cancer awareness


    Breast cancer is the top cancer in women both in the developed and the developing world and the most frequent cause of cancer death in women. Today the incidence of breast cancer is sadly increasing in the developing world due to improved life expectancy and increased urbanization. Although the risks can be somewhat reduced through  lifestyle changes such as more exercise and healthier eating and drinking habits, early detection remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control.

    The pink ribbon – and indeed the pink colour – has become a symbol of this campaign.

    My inspiration for this pink maxi dress

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