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Very many of you have asked me for advice on creating and managing a style shoot post. So here is a glimpse into my blogging process and what has worked for me.

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“Age is a state of mind”

forever young silvia njoki coverLast week I learned the true meaning of the phrase “You are only as old as you feel”
But before I get into that, let me start by thanking you for all the sweet birthday wishes you shared with me across my social media connections. I appreciate the efforts of every single one of you to make my day really special!

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When I first wore this fringe skirt, the rhythm and movement of how it swayed made me feel like I could confidently take on any dance move or dance off battle – for that matter. 

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silvia njoki all i want


Two decades ago, My birthday parties involved lots of candy, pretty dresses and plenty of yummy cake and ice-cream. Blowing out the candles after a silent wish is one of the most meaningful moments of my birthday celebration. The moment which focuses on the future after having cherished the remembrances and the highlights of the past year, and crave for more of those priceless things which life has to offer. I want more and more of these gifts that don’t come in pretty wraps and bows. Because truth be told, the best gifts don’t always come in a box.

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Today, I’ll focus on some of your favorite posts. I’ll do that through a flash back to the posts which over the past two years have attracted the highest number of views according to google analytics. Some of you may remember some of these posts, while more recent visitors to my blog will be in for some hopefully nice surprises. Even for myself, this trip down memory lane has offered me new inspiration. It’s great to catch up, smile, giggle and sometimes cringe at how far I’ve come.  

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