“We were always on our toes; luckily there was always some shelter nearby where we could hide and save ourselves from the sting and burn of tear gas in our eyes”



My love for thrift markets was born not out of choice, but out of sheer necessity due to meagre financial resources during my college years, and whenever I had a few shillings of surplus funds you would either find me at the Ngara Market or at Gikomba on an early morning carefully digging through the piles of clothes the hawkers had laid out on the sidewalk.

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silvia njokiI recently missed an important opportunity which is ‘irretrievably lost’.  It’s like having forgotten your best friend’s birthday, or – like me yesterday realizing that I had missed my two years blogiversary.

 I forgot my own blogiversary.

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silvianjoki blog

Since my first modeling sessions some six years ago, (yes. I tried my hand at modeling) I have become increasingly comfortable in front of the camera.  Obviously blogging has made it necessary for me to pose for the camera on a very regular basis, and I have come to love it.

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As a first time mom, I initially struggled to find the best products use for the daily care of my daughter – probably like most other first-timers. There are so many options on the market, and at first I bought things which I didn’t really need or which didn’t do the job for me. And although I am not an expert in this field, I gradually discovered what worked best for us. 

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flounce skirt

I would have been in deep trouble back in high school for wearing my shirt untucked. And to think that designers are now creating sweaters with shirttails sewn onto the hem is really funny to me. This sweater is my favorite, I literally don’t want to take it off! Layering button-down shirts is one of my best ways to wear my pullovers in this cold season; Untuck the shirt and let hems and peek out.

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