• Swing top, Slit Skirt

    What I wore to a fashion show this past weekend.



    By now you may have noticed my obsession with off shoulder tops, seen here and here
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  • Peplum top, Leather skirt

    It was a weekend full of festivities. Here is what I wore to one party last Friday night

    Silvia and Nancie
      My friend Nancie joined me for the night. Love her coat. Read More

  • Black skinny leg jumpsuit

    Yesterday was crazy busy.





    But amidst all the chaos of the day, I managed to get my friend Shelly to take some quick pictures for you.

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  • Cargo Pants, Leather Vest

    Chill days running errands.



    An easy pair of cargo pants is a perfect switch from my denim slacks.

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  • Tiered Maxi Skirt, Leotard

    I have had this black tiered maxi dress for a while. But somehow, It wasn’t working for me as a dress, So I made a slight adjustment.


    Loving it much better as a skirt.

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  • Sheer Maxi Cover-up

    I like finding new and fashionable ways to cover up my swimsuit.


    See one of my favorite swimsuit cover up dresses here .

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  • Draped Top

    Remember this top I wore here backwards?


    Here is another top worn, front side back

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  • Skater Dress, Mules

    Mules are my go-to-shoes this fashion season.


    I was actually planning to order a couple of pairs of these awesome shoes from Zara and have a friend ship them to me from the UK, until I picked up this pair at Adams Market…. Win ! Read More

  • My Baby’s Style

    I find the possibilities for dressing my daughter in fashionable little outfits to be virtually endless. And for me as a fashion stylist it is an awesome experience to be able to dovetail motherhood with my chosen profession. My two passions perfectly combined and complementing each other…


    Over the past months I have more and more often shared pics of her in a variety of outfits on Instagram

    Here are some of my favorites

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  • Floral Power

    A bit of floral power to kick start your week…


    Here is a dress I wore for brunch over the weekend.

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