• Floral Mini

    Dresses and I have become very good friends.


    I am not big on floral prints, but this was subtle in a way which appealed to me.
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  • Beach Dress

    Here is  a sundress I wore to lunch and an afternoon on the beach.


    When I first saw it, I thought it would be an ideal dress to wear to a beach wedding. Fun, colorful and breezy,  this dress is the perfect way to cool off but also festive enough for an afternoon lunch.

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  • Off-shoulder top, Midi Skirt

    It feels good to be posting again after what felt like a week off.



    And I did intentionally take a few days off to just chill at home , dress down, bask in the sun, taking it all easy. After all… it is my birthday week.

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  • Mullet effect

    Sunny days here at the coast.



    I hope this outfit will inspire my readers in cold Nairobi for warmer days to come.

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  • Busu Cosmetics Lipstick and Lipgloss Review

    If you know me, or follow me on social media, you know I love make-up and I  will occasionally  share a facebeat. So when Busu cosmetics asked me to try some of their lipsticks and glosses, there wasn’t two minds about it.


    Here are the swatches

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  • Lace top, Leather skirt

    I finally dyed my hair black !



    I was a bit nervous…

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  • Jungle green jumspuit

    Hope you had a great weekend.

    I did too, not only did I spend a quiet time with family, I also attended an album launch for my good friend Antoneosoul.

    This is what I wore





    Y’all should check out his new album ‘Starborn’ . He is an incredibly great performer too and I am glad I could get to enjoy that.

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  • Draped Maxi Dress

    This dress would have been a perfect maternity piece.


    I can only imagine how beautifully it would drape on my bump allowing my curves to build. It is an extremely comfortable dress.

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  • Animal print jacket, Maxi dress

    Aren’t black maxi dresses so easy to wear and fun to accessorize?



    animalprint jacket


    I own a couple and they never get old. This one I especially love because it’s sheer.

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  • Trench Coat, Sequined Sweater

    I am loving sparkling outfits, those that glitter, metallics, sequins… redsplash   Letting them all shine in my closet. Read More