Lesso Pinafore Baby dress

By now you must have noticed my love for traditional African fabrics. I think we have some of the richest and most vibrant colors and patterns and I am always happy to share them with you. Here is a pinafore dress I made for my daughter made from lesso .


This is the same fabric as seen here

She wore this dress for her friend’s first birthday party last weekend






My black skater dress is from shop in veteran house Nairobi.

Initially I planned on her wearing it with a mini-turban




But I couldn’t keep her still enough to tie it well, or to keep it on during the day, so this was not the best idea.  I plan on sewing one of these headwrap kinda headbands, still trynna figure it out. Cant be that hard !

But in the mean time I settled for the bow.




I think this was a fun outfit for the lovely afternoon party and she got a handful of compliments for her dress.

Happy birthday 1st birthday to lovely Zuri!! What a milestone!

Here is a collage of the beautiful Anoke family, and the Yummy cake!



Notice the detail in her fathers shirt sleeve above! LOVE




We had a lovely day and the kids had so much fun playing.

Looking forward to Nielsine to get to this age, where she can start running around and playing with the other kids. Fun!

Here are some outfits I loved at the party


PS: My little daughter is exactly 5 months today. I love you Princess !

Hope you had a great weekend!

I wish you the same for the week ahead




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  1. Susan Makali says:

    I cant wait for the day i’ll have my own baby and dress him/her like the way you do :-)

  2. Nancie says:

    Amazing pics Silvia. You guys look amazing.xx

  3. Florence says:

    She looks so precious, and is definately rocking that outfit.

  4. michellem says:

    baby looks amazing and you do too?is that bonds hotel ??

  5. Michelle says:

    You so creative Silvia. You little girl is so adorable :-)

    Love the pinafore dress on her and the pictures are amazing.



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