Basic Clothing Resizing tips



Have you ever liked an Item of clothing at a store but it was a 3, 4 or even 5 sizes bigger?

I do too, so worry not

When I fancy something a few sizes bigger. I still will buy it !!

This oversized sweater and skirt were a cheap thrift find I altered to an office suit.



The outfit was 8 sizes bigger !!!! I repeat, 8 sizes bigger than my size !

Most of the time when I have editorial shoots with clients, I tuck, hem , pin , or even add darts to various items of clothing to make them fit like they were tailor made for them.

I wore this outfit to the office last Friday.

And I will share with you a few of my basic clothing resizing tips;

You may  sometimes have some extreme alterations that require a professional tailor. My tips below, are for simple alterations at home, and even for hand sewing,

1. The tape measure is your friend

Take measurements on every step, you do not want to end up making a garment to small.



2. Practice, on old or cheap thrifted pieces, Perfect your hemmimg, running and backstitches



3. Always launder your piece before alterations to reduce or avoid shrinkage after.



4. Pin it – Wear, and pin your clothing as you would like it to fit you, while standing in-front of a full length mirror. This will give you an Idea of how it will look, then go ahead and take measurements



5.Experiment. pants from a skirt? skirt from a pair of pants ? a dress maybe?  Have fun




For this outfit, I dint do much alterations on the sweater top as I liked the baggy fit. I still have lots of fabric left over from the skirt. Will update you on what comes out of It.

*I cut the skirt to my size from the bottom retaining the hem, then reattached the waist band.

*For the sweater, I reduced the arm size length and the width.

My ring is from JewELLAHry

These tips could also work if you have lost weight and would still like to wear some of your old pieces

Hope you had a great weekend?

I’ve caught a cold and hoping not to pass it on to baby. Not a good start of the week.

Hope yours is better !



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  1. Deeda says:

    ok,,,,babe, officially u r the gospel truth in fashion, now lets do this, start a fashion line or something I will model ur clothes for free….hahahah….I like this one…

  2. Linda says:

    Sorry for your cold and hope you get well soon…
    But Silvia that suit looks so Lush!I would have NEVER guessed it was thrifted, or altered! Thanks for sharing the tips, such an inspiration you are. Sewing lessons here I come!

  3. Sharon says:

    Love it!!and the color is amaze, especially with that bag that you know I love! Get well soon love!

  4. Eye-opening article! And I also want to do some alterations to a dress I bought, to change it from long-sleeved to short-sleeved although I don’t have the tools required so I have to take the dress to a tailor, I hope that she does a good job! I’ll have to learn all this soonest!
    This is really nice, and the shoes+ bag whoa!
    sorry about the cold.

  5. Cheptoo Cece says:

    I love and have a bunch of the captoe heels… Where did you buy yours? (follow each other??)