Lesso Pants

Last week was a slow week and our spirits were low after the senseless Westgate Mall massacre, which is still very fresh in our minds. Our thoughts are with the victims especially on this national prayer day. We are determined not to let our spirit be broken by terrorism but to move on and go out and share life with friends in our beautiful and vibrant Kenya.

If, like me, you appreciate a comfy non-fussy pair of pants, to just wiggle into on a chill day, this post is for you.



So Sunday was devoted to a play date for Nielsine and her bff, Nana, at the charming and popular Zen Garden.  It was a sunny day and the place was packed!



Waiting for our food



This pizza was IT ! let me just stop there.



I was wearing a pair of Lesso pants which I had crafted during the days when the security situation dictated me to stay indoors – we live only a few hundred meters from Westgate – and sewing is very therapeutic for me. Lesso is a lively and happy type of fabric, and much appreciated across East Africa for its light texture, especially at the hot coast, where it is the daily outfit of choice for most women, worn wrapped around the waist.

You can see my previous lesso project for Nielsine’s Pinafore dress here 


I used the Pajama Pants  tutorial for Nielsine’s pair.

I also followed the same instructions for mine. But for my pants, I will always give the back pieces an extra 3inches allowance. This will of-course depend on how wide your hips are, I have found that 3 inches work well for me.


The girls enjoyed each other’s company and as a matter of fact, we all did.

Though sometimes, fun play dates may be coupled with tears



It was a day well spent…



It is always fun to spend time with my friend Hanako and her daughter Nana and talk about our motherhood journey.

Plus the little girls love my hair



See why I prefer to have my hair up ? You need to be very strong to handle all the pulling and tugging.

Nielsine had a bow on, made from these old denims here



Tutorial for this simple denim bow will be up tomorrow!

Silvia xx

  • http://www.nanciemwai.com Nancie Mwai

    Beautiful pictures….those pants look so comfy…

    • Stylebysilvia

      Very comfy :)

  • Hilda Biegon

    Always such a fan of your fashion sense. Good job doll! Pass my love to Nielsine, grown so fast! ;-*

    • Stylebysilvia

      Thank you Hilda. I will. Its really amazing almost crawling now !

  • Michele

    Love the pants! I also notice that you often wear high waisted belts, must remember this its a good look! Love the bag too :-)

    • Silvia

      This is one of my fave bags , yes! love my belts glad you do too

    • Stylebysilvia

      This is one of my fave bags , doubles as a great diaper bag too. yes! love my belts glad you do too

  • Wangechi Mwangi

    wow,cute lesso pants Silvia,am working on getting an Ankara pants this week..can’t wait to rock it.

    • Silvia

      super ! where you getting them from ?

    • Stylebysilvia

      super ! where you getting them from ?

  • http://fashionbeautyinsight.com/ Gabrielle Mwangi

    If those two kids get any more cuter…I will have to kidnap and keep them for myself…they are impossibly adorable. Love how you paired with a denim shirt….it has the vibe of a busy yet stylish mom….I want to be just like you when baby time comes for me :-)

    • Stylebysilvia

      Oh you will. cause you already are ;)

  • gatuiri


    • Stylebysilvia


  • Caroline Amran

    Si i love that bag, that baby is the luckiest girl in the world……

    • Stylebysilvia

      asante. I think I am more lucky to have her. Such a blessing

  • Simona Jankute
    • Stylebysilvia

      thank you

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  • Shokey

    Aaaaaw both your babies look sooo adorable:)Makes me long for mine!And those pants are a every-weekend wear!