My Feature on NTV

Good morning and welcome to the start of a new great week!

I am truly humbled by the support and encouragement, which you have shown me . This weekend I was featured on NTV – one of our national TV channels in Kenya. In case you didn’t catch the two prime time showings on Saturday night and Sunday lunchtime news – and of course also for the benefit of all of you outside Kenya who didn’t have the chance – Here it is

The video gives you a few glimpses of my little sewing studio at home and even features a short sequence with my daughter Nielsine – briefly tells the story about it all began and of where I have gotten to so far. From the first beginning, when I started to crotchet booties and head bands for my still unborn daughter, and how that lead me to buy a sewing machine shortly after she was born, so I could start making her the little dresses, which you have seen here a few times.

I love the way the Liz, the producer of the programme ‘Women & Power’, has captured and presented the story. She has perfectly grasped my main incentive for my sewing activities and thus this DIY blog: to be able to pursue my love for sewing while still spending maximum quality time with Nielsine, by working from home – in my own comfort zone, so to speak.

A major focus of the interview is on how the start of this blog came about: Because I wanted to document my sewing journey while at the same time sharing my love for this activity with you, my friends and followers. So in a sense this video is also a tribute to YOU

You will hear me recall how your interest in my DIY posts gradually lead to requests coming in for me to sew a dress for your daughter or a skirt for yourself similar to what I had done for ourselves.

An interesting aspect of the story, which Liz is telling, is how my use of the Internet – not only this blog but also Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – made the interest in my work and my products grow to a point, where I had to enlist the assistance of a tailor to help me cope with the demand.

The overall theme of the weekly programme ‘Women & Power’ is to highlight various ways women have chosen to become self-employed entrepreneurs. And to round off the short feature about myself, it concludes that I have developed a pastime activity into a full time job.

I am not there yet, but in any case, this blog is here to stay, and I sincerely hope you will continue to follow my postings and let me have your comments and suggestions, so as to make it more vibrant and responsive to your expectations.

Once again, thank you so much for following me on this journey!

Have a great Mashujaa day !


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  1. Nancie Mwai says:

    Amazing! Cogratulations.

  2. Lorella Jowi says:

    You inspire me so much Silvia. So so much. Bless you and your cute daughter! XX!

  3. Borna Anoke says:

    Seeing this now! Congratulations! Lovely piece. Need a few african prints for Zuri. She got inspired by Nielsine :)

  4. Shokey says:

    Congratulations Mama Nielsine. God’s got bigger plans for sure!!