Pink October Maxi Dress

Good morning lovely ladies,

As you probably know, the month of October is dedicated to breast cancer awareness


Breast cancer is the top cancer in women both in the developed and the developing world and the most frequent cause of cancer death in women. Today the incidence of breast cancer is sadly increasing in the developing world due to improved life expectancy and increased urbanization. Although the risks can be somewhat reduced through  lifestyle changes such as more exercise and healthier eating and drinking habits, early detection remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control.

The pink ribbon – and indeed the pink colour – has become a symbol of this campaign.

My inspiration for this pink maxi dress

I celebrated in my own way by choosing to embrace pink by wearing it this month.  I have not been sewing much  these past few weeks, Partly because I have been busy with so many other things outside the house and sewing machine problems.



Since I definitely wanted to wear this dress in support of breast cancer awareness, before the month was over, I finished it at my tailors workshop.

I really love the pockets !!



It is made from a heavy jersey knit fabric.

I bought the fabric at memsaab fabric shop in Westlands Nairobi.



The dress is heavy but drapes quite well.

It is quite an easy dress to make, so let me know if you would like a tutorial and I will do one.

It has been estimated that early detection of breast cancer can reduce the mortality rate to only 2 percent.  I think this is the most positive medical news I have heard for a long time!

So, let us not forget to go for a clinical breast examination (CBE) sooner rather than later. Because this is what this month is all about. As a minimum, let me urge you to carry out regular self examinations.  Although the risk increases with age, it is never too early to become so familiar with your breasts that you are able to detect possible changes as early as possible and go for a clinical check-up.

Here are a few places you can check in Kenya

-Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi, Their breast cancer clinic is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 to 1 pm, and Tuesday from 2 to 5 pm and the fee to see a doctor there is Shs 3,000.

However, on the last Saturday of the month (October as well as November) from 8 to1 pm you can be examined by a nurse at no cost.

-Nairobi Hospital provides free testing every Sunday at various churches:

On 05.11 at Lavington United Church in Lavington

At the hospital itself you can be examined by a nurse for Shs 1,000, and if she deems it necessary she will refer you to mammography (shs. 5,000) or ultrasonic scanning (shs. 7,000)

-Aha Khan Hospital Mombasa held a breast examination camp last weekend.  But they offer ad hoc examinations by a nurse on a daily basis, which is free, while it will cost shs. 1,100 to see a doctor, if she recommends that.

Finally, you can of course consult your own GP, which might the most convenient first step to take.



Pictures taken at the National Museum of Kenya

Have a lovely week and stay healthy.


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