My Tulle Skirt

Good morning.

I don’t think I have ever let you down for such a long time, and I really owe you an apology as well as an explanation.

For the past two months my attention has been largely absorbed by my assignment as Head of Styling for the TV show Tusker Project Fame (TPF6)– as I have earlier briefly mentioned here.  Dressing the contestants plus presenters for two live shows every weekend has been a challenge as well as a source of satisfaction and pride.

This coupled with moving houses had really taken a toll on me.


Apart from spending maximum quality time with my family and enjoying the growth and rapid development of our little princess, I had to cut down on other personal requirements.  Except for the daily practice which I adopted during this period: to share my outfit of the day  on Instagram and Facebook, which you may have noticed,  If not, I shall post a few samples here in the near future.


For the final Gala show of TPF6, a week ago, I wanted to be festively dressed for the occasion.  For once it was also a pleasant sunny day so my choice fell on a peach coloured tulle skirt I had sewn in advance.



I had been seeing a number of these tulle skirts online, but I never could find one that was full enough here In Nairobi. Take for example the one I am wearing below

tulleI bought this particular one from The fashion bar in veteran house on Moi avenue, Nairobi.

After weeks of trying to find a full tulle, I decided to sew mine



You can buy the tulle fabric at Memsaab fabric shop in Westlands. The underskirt is satin.

The skirt has a 2 inch elastic waist band.

You can see the tulle tutu skirt I made for my daughter here



With Christmas now rapidly approaching, it has crossed my mind that with some seasonal embellishments, the skirt could possibly serve me for the occasion as a Cool Yule Tulle creation.  I am not promising anything, but watch this space, just in case.



I am really excited for my daughter’s first Christmas. Next week we travel to the coast for some sun and sand. And hopefully some successful swimming lessons.

What are your plans for Christmas?

Whatever you are up to this family holiday season, I really wish you all the best.

Love and light



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  1. Onnari says:

    Your skirt’s lovely Sylvia, me likely!

  2. Fashion & StyleKenya says:

    Hello Sylvia,
    You are such an inspiration. I am inspired by the fact
    that you have made a passion into a career and successfully so. All too
    often we get bogged down by what we don’t have and think that we can
    never achieve what we want. Yet all we need to do is start small and
    take steps everyday that take us closer to our goals. I can identify,
    very much, with your need to start a business that enabled you to spend
    time with your little girl, who by the way is just so gorgeous. I love
    your creativity and your passion and will definitely be checking in
    often. I know many little girls, and not so little girls who would look fab in your creations…I wish you and your little girl a fabulous 2014.


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