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[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”2″]Y[/su_dropcap]esterday evening, when I had put Nielsine to sleep after a long and exciting day, my mind was wandering through all the beautiful things she means to me. Since this was my third mother’s day, I thought about giving three reasons why I love being a mom. But when I found that there were far too many reasons to choose from, I decided to share with you one for each of the 26 months which have passed since she was born.

Here they come in the order in which I jotted them down:

1. Being a mom has changed my perception of life. I now value time more than I did before

2. Her smiles – even when they are mischievous – light up my day

3. It is wonderful to share her joy over the simple things in her life. like bursting a bubble or dancing

4. I love playing dress-up with her 

5. I am able to observe and appreciate the world through her innocent eyes

6. My heart melts when she says ‘I love you Mommy’

7. I love her random kisses coupled by eyes full of love

8. The way she runs to me and hugs me with the most genuine hug, when she hasn’t seen me for a while or when she is afraid. To know that she feels safe in my arms is priceless.

9. Breastfeeding her has been the strongest bonding experience I have ever had

10. I am creating memories for her to look back on

11. Every day she impresses me with new words that she has learnt to say and use

12. She is growing closer to God as she matures. So happy she was baptized, and now she is learning how to pray

13. I am encouraged to eat healthier, I want to stay healthy and productive for her.

14. Knowing that God chose me to be the mother of this beautiful human being; The pregnancy was not planned but she was never unwanted.

15. Her honesty and truthfulness is an inspiration – when I asked her if she liked my blue/grey hair she said “no” 🙂

16. She has taught me to love unconditionally and shown me a whole new meaning of love, this has and will continue to improve my future relationships

17. Watching her copying me, for instance by putting on lipstick and trying to paint her toes

18. When I have been away from her for some time, my heart beats so fast just before I see her again

19. My choice of friends has changed – most of them are now moms and people who are generally more driven

20. She has helped me to understand my own mom better and my relationship with my mom has improved

21. Watching her in her sleep and knowing that this little creature was moulded in my womb ! in my body ! 

22. I am more conscious about the people I spend time with around my daughter

23. I have become much more careful about how I spend my money

24.  Watching her learn how to talk and communicate, has taught me to become more patient and a better listener

25. The strength she gives me to reach for my dreams is surreal. 

26.  In her eyes, I am super-woman and her greatest role model

Plus her colorful doodles on my mothers day card yesterday were too darn cute!