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Sheer and Leathered Black

Istyle by silvia woke up with massive pains and sore muscles after an intense workout yesterday. Maaan!! today I am on fire. My muscles are sore and I can hardly walk. Truth is that I may have pushed myself harder than usual, considering the long period of inactivity I’ve had.

Sitting down to write this post and get some work done online,  is therefore a welcome and relaxing exercise while I build up the energy and determination I need for my evening workout today ( honestly not looking forward to it)  Because once you have crossed that bridge, it’s important to just keep going, adapt to the regimen, and stay on track, Which I haven’t been doing. Some motivation, anyone ??
Talking about habits, over the past year I have developed an attraction to all black outfits for nights out. Partially because I never have to worry about matching and black can be layered easily. Plus! you can never really go wrong with black.
Here is the ensemble I recently wore when I had a mom’s night out with my my friend Tallia as seen on this post.

Style Note

Black will never go out of style!

If you are afraid of trying different fabric/textures, wearing them in black is a great way to experiment.

all black outfit all black silvia njoki black and white silvia njoki blog silvia njoki style by silvia

A mini-me post is coming your way this or next week! Its been a while and these are some of my favorite posts to do. I also love doing my beautiful Mondays

Meanwhile, Have you voted for your best-loved blogs at this years BAKE awards? I would love to have your vote for The  Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog and for the Kenyan Blog of the Year here http://www.blogawards.co.ke/vote/

Asanteni !!

PHOTOGRAPHY by Marvin Olele

Top – Thrifted

Watch – Time 1020

Skirt – Same here

Shoes – Angelo at the Sarit Centre

Necklace – Dubois accessories

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  1. Thank you…. its nakshi_nouba 45 with lipliner carbanet from jordana

  2. Ikr! I love thrifting. So many surprises! Got it for 500bob

  3. Thank you so much

  4. Those girls! !! I wish I coule wake up to that… will work towards it

  5. The lipstick..the skirt..how fresh the dreads look!! Gosh you barely need any workout!


    1. Trust me I do lol. Thanks xxx

  6. Looking great ma’am yea ‘dawa ya moto ni moto’ for the muscles to stop aching you gotta work out more.

  7. You look so amazing Jesus!!!!! You are my mamastyle inspiration coz girl you are killing it yaaaaaas!!

  8. She’s called mankofit. You should follow her on instagram, motivation for days…

  9. Hairstyle on fleek! Wish you could do a hairstyle post one of these days cuz girl you seem to always have it on lock (pun intended 🙂
    That aside, Mini-Me and Beautiful Mondays are definitely my favourite posts to read.