Sheer and Leathered Black

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Istyle by silvia woke up with massive pains and sore muscles after an intense workout yesterday. Maaan!! today I am on fire. My muscles are sore and I can hardly walk. Truth is that I may have pushed myself harder than usual, considering the long period of inactivity I’ve had.

Sitting down to write this post and get some work done online,  is therefore a welcome and relaxing exercise while I build up the energy and determination I need for my evening workout today ( honestly not looking forward to it)  Because once you have crossed that bridge, it’s important to just keep going, adapt to the regimen, and stay on track, Which I haven’t been doing. Some motivation, anyone ??
Talking about habits, over the past year I have developed an attraction to all black outfits for nights out. Partially because I never have to worry about matching and black can be layered easily. Plus! you can never really go wrong with black.
Here is the ensemble I recently wore when I had a mom’s night out with my my friend Tallia as seen on this post.

Style Note

Black will never go out of style!

If you are afraid of trying different fabric/textures, wearing them in black is a great way to experiment.

all black outfit all black silvia njoki black and white silvia njoki blog silvia njoki style by silvia

A mini-me post is coming your way this or next week! Its been a while and these are some of my favorite posts to do. I also love doing my beautiful Mondays

Meanwhile, Have you voted for your best-loved blogs at this years BAKE awards? I would love to have your vote for The  Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog and for the Kenyan Blog of the Year here

Asanteni !!

PHOTOGRAPHY by Marvin Olele

Top – Thrifted

Watch – Time 1020

Skirt – Same here

Shoes – Angelo at the Sarit Centre

Necklace – Dubois accessories


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  • Stylebysilvia

    Thank you…. its nakshi_nouba 45 with lipliner carbanet from jordana

  • Stylebysilvia

    Ikr! I love thrifting. So many surprises! Got it for 500bob

  • Stylebysilvia

    Thank you so much

  • Stylebysilvia

    Those girls! !! I wish I coule wake up to that… will work towards it

  • TheReelRhee

    The lipstick..the fresh the dreads look!! Gosh you barely need any workout!

    • Stylebysilvia

      Trust me I do lol. Thanks xxx

  • Larine

    Looking great ma’am yea ‘dawa ya moto ni moto’ for the muscles to stop aching you gotta work out more.

  • You look so amazing Jesus!!!!! You are my mamastyle inspiration coz girl you are killing it yaaaaaas!!

  • Mimi

    She’s called mankofit. You should follow her on instagram, motivation for days…

  • Mimi

    Hairstyle on fleek! Wish you could do a hairstyle post one of these days cuz girl you seem to always have it on lock (pun intended 🙂
    That aside, Mini-Me and Beautiful Mondays are definitely my favourite posts to read.