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ASK SILVIA: How to Control Frizziness in Dreadlocks

Sia on Instagram asked

Hey Silvia …you’re my hair idol and please tell me how you control frizziness because of my locks are very un smart. ..tnx

The thing about locs is that they grow differently for everyone. Some have frizzy dreadlocks and they have managed to confidently own this and rock it so beautifully. I admire Karun’s (formerly of Campmulla) hair. She has owned her frizzy locks and looks so cool in them.

I did experience frizziness in the beginning of my loc journey. Most people do in the beginning, so maybe this is just a stage that you will get over in time. It is a constant battle for most people, but here are a few things that you could do to control this:

1) Cover your locks at night— Excessive rubbing of your locs can cause frizziness. Wrap them tightly in a satin scarf or a fabric that doesn’t fray.

2) Palm roll — Palm rolling helps control the frizz. Occasionally adding aloe vera gel helps strengthen and condition your hair. Aloe also washes out easily so it won’t leave residue behind and it works to hold the locs together as it tames down the frizzies. This requires patience, results will not be immediate but incorporating this method into your regular routine should help.

3) Crotchet your locs– This works perfectly to tame the stray hairs. I have personally never tried this but I have seen great success for those who have chosen this method.

4) Give it time – This is probably just a phase in your loc journey. Everyone’s hair matures differently so give it some time and the frizz will tame itself gradually.

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