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ASK SILVIA: Mentorship and Starting an Online Brand

Today we have a reader from South Africa, she says…


Dear AN,
It was lovely to hear from you and I am happy to learn that you have followed my blog for such a long time.
I can only encourage you to pursue your dream by sharing your multifaceted skills on the Internet. That’s exactly how I did it when I launched my DIY blog and eventually turned it into what you see today. There is no reason for you to wait until after your graduation to start your blogging career. If you want to launch an online magazine the best time to start is now. Of course uni is top priority for you at the moment, but I would urge you to slowly start building your online brand. Create a free website, write an article or two during your downtime, even if it’s only once a week then share with your friends friends and family.

Mentorship is very important, I credit a lot of my success to having people I look up to guide me through my career. I get a lot of people asking me to mentor them and as a matter of fact I do so with those that work directly with me. Ideally, I would like to mentor more new bloggers like you, since I find that it is my duty to inspire by sharing my experiences. The reason why I share so much of my  journey here; the good, the bad, the ups and the downs, is because I hope that this will serve as an inspiration to you and others aiming to follow in my footsteps, this is a more sustainable approach to those girls I cannot mentor in person.

I am sure you will enjoy blogging and I wish you lots of luck and personal satisfaction. With hard work and dedication there is no limit to your success.

Wearing this top, Photo by Charles Ngomo at the Concord Hotel

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