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ASK SILVIA: The Best Advice You Can Give to Someone Keen on Starting a Fashion Blog

I regularly receive questions on social media. Some are repetitive, so I find that the best way to respond to them in order to reach the largest number of readers is in the form of a post on the blog available for everyone to benefit from. Just like I did on this post. I will be sharing most of your questions here, and also ensure that your privacy is respected.

Here is a question from Alice Via Instagram


I’ll give four 🙂

1. Based on my own personal experience, my first and most important advice is to stay true to your style and your vision; and if you are passionate about fashion, which you definitely should be to start a blog on this subject, you will know pretty well what sets you apart from other fashionistas in terms of personal style.
2. It is very important to have multiple role models among the multitude of other fashion bloggers/writers and journalists you admire, otherwise you start to look and sound just like one particular blogger. Identifying role models in the various aspects of fashion blogging including writing, photography, presentation and blog layout, opens up your mind and allows you to think creatively in different aspects.
3. Do your research and make an effort to stay constantly informed about the issues you want to write about by reading magazines, watching relevant TV shows and following various websites, Instagram pages and blogs to have a solid knowhow and a clear vision of what is happening in the fashion scene. You must be knowledgeable about what you are sharing, so read widely and be open to learning
4. Fashion blogging can be a full time job or a hobby, so depending on your vision, make sure you are committed to spend a lot of time and effort to produce the best possible content for your blog. Passion should be your driving force. Enjoy the positive reactions you get from your readers and don’t be impatient while waiting for the huge response, which you will not get overnight. Have your eyes fixed on your long-term goals, and believe me, eventually you will get there.

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