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silvianjoki[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”1″]T[/su_dropcap]his is the first Installment of this feature. A lot of you have expressed how much you love to get little snippets into my life on Mondays here on the blog. But I can imagine that there might be some burning questions that you still might have. Some time ago, I offered my friends on Instagram  a chance to answer any question/s they had and it was such a fun and interactive time for me. But it did not escape me that most of you may not be on Instagram. Which is why I am now repeating my offer to you here – our common meeting place. You are welcome to post your questions below in the comment section. 

So what would you like to know ? (of-course within reason)

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  1. Nice. Where did you get those rings from ?

    1. Mr. Price at the Junction.

  2. I love your blog Silvia. When is the next give-away? Are you giving away some clothes in your closet ????

    1. Thank you Trizah. I do not intend on giving away clothes in my closet.
      I am sure I will have a give away in the future, and details will be shared.

  3. When did you put dreadlocks on your daughter and dI’d she cry ?

    1. It did not hurt, It still doesn’t hurt when I re-twist her hair. I would never subject my daughter to pain for aesthetic purposes, hence the reason I still haven’t pierced her ears…
      She was 11 months old.

  4. How much do you pay for your photography…?? And secondly would you like to purchase a custom made dress (design of your choice ) from me ??


    1. Luckily I am able to work my camera and photoshop. So apart from the occasional collaborations with photographers, I shoot within my resources – mostly family and friends.
      I will have a look at your site and contact you if I fancy anything 🙂

  5. Can I have that dress for my girlfriend?

    1. It’s actually a skirt and a top, And no you can’t.

      1. LOL! Woi Mike #hereforthecomments

  6. Hi Silvia, I love your work and style.Do you do fashion/style consultancy for both ladies and gentlemen? If yes, how much do you charge?

    1. Yes I do. You can email me on silvia@silvianjoki.com

      1. Ok. Thanks

  7. This is Amazing… All the best

    1. Mr. Yazan !! this must be your first comment on my blog. Karibu sana

  8. Love love your blog Silvia..Will we ever get to wear outfits by you..or get them available on the market?

    1. Yes ! Yes and YESSS !! keep it here 🙂

  9. i love your nails, Gosh, PS. my workmate says your daughter is really cute, i totally agree.
    Would you accept Jewelry gifts? not for mentions, purely a gift from a fan? 🙂


    1. Awww thank you to you and your colleagues…
      My birthday is on July 15th… so why not start accepting gifts now ? 🙂

      1. okay, #excited

  10. Hi Silvia, kindly share your skincare routine and your favorite skin products so far. Grayc

    1. warm water and cotton wool to wash my face on no-make up days.
      Neutrogna face scrub or Johnsons face wash for make up days.
      and clarins multi-active day early wrinkle correction lotion everyday

  11. Well, it depends how personal.

    1. Is there a Mr?

      1. ha! not if you have a cute friend.

  12. How much do you make per month from fashion blogging? I want to start a blog. I am a big fan

    1. Sadly not enough to buy my dream car – A Bugatti Veyron….

  13. How do I open my own fashion blog ?

    1. You can start on WordPress or blogspot, both very easy to use with a step by step guide.

  14. I try to stay grounded because I know where I came from, and getting this far was not a one man show.
    I wish I spent the early stages of my blog doing what I am doing now, building relationships and not Numbers. A small, intimate, engaging and loyal following is worth more than millions of ‘ghost/innactive’ followers.

    1. I love this advice, thanks.


  15. Mostly my fam and friends. But Check out Charles of http://www.royalreelphotography.co.ke/ he recently started taking my photos and I think he is dope! not to mention that he is so easy to work with

  16. I am happy you like the new user friendly version. You just started an amazing blog, And you get to travel!! so so green here….I’ll be checking back for holiday ideas to see all the beautiful places you visit and get to share with the world.

    1. Thank you Silvia

  17. I have a small suggestion, you should gather all the frequently asked questions into a blog post.
    Q. What is the one thing you hope to achieve with this space?

    1. That’s a great idea! because truthfully, It can get repetitive.
      I want to engage with my readers because it improves my relationship with you. Plus this was the biggest single reason I started ‘my beautiful Mondays’

  18. Hey Silvia… I think you’re just so beautiful and elegant… Well I’m not the very fashionable girl around and I was just wondering… How does someone develop their own sense of personal style!?

    1. Creating your own signature style is based on various aspects of your life, your body shape, your career, your inspirations and your personal taste. Stay true to these factors and let them shine in the way you dress.

  19. Hi Silvia, i love your blog buh im among the ghost readers,who does your locks?!

    1. I go to Black Butterfly Salon in Viking house Westlands.
      Waithera is amazing at loc care, Mary is epic at loc styles

  20. Hi Silvia,
    Have you ever considered starting a fashion styling consultancy kinda thing to offer fashion services such as internships, styling, fashion buying,etc.
    I believe there is a lot people who are interested in fashion can learn from you.
    *I have been following up on you to offer fashion styling internship*

    1. I do offer fashion and styling consultancy with a number of people working for me. And in future, I do hope to venture into Fashion Merchandising.

      1. Wish you well with fashion merchandising.
        And internships specifically? Since I have been so keen on getting one from you. I know i have filled your FB inbox with messages *wink*!
        But I dnt think I am planning to give up on looking for such an opportunity.
        *Sorry for the many messages though.

        1. no worries. you are top on my list 🙂

  21. Hi Silvia. My question is what products do you use on your dreadlocks and who does them?

    Also when is the garage sale of your little angels closet?

    How do I develop my own fashion sense?

    Also, loooooooooooooooove you and your blog

    1. – Waithera and Mary at Black butterfly Salon in westlands

      – I was not planning on having a garage sale for Nielsine’s closet, she already has a bunch of relatives who grab her stuff at the start of snug lol

      -Creating your own signature style is based on various aspects of your life, your body shape, your career, your inspirations and your personal taste. Stay true to these factors and let them shine in the way you dress.

  22. Good day sylvia. Saw this after I actually wrote you on dm with some queries, anyway wanted to know how one would rate charges for wardrobe organisation and styling consultancy I have been doing it for my friend for a long time now and I want to turn in into a business where I can to give myself exposure, experience and finances too for growth. thank you. You are far so kind to interact with your followers. More reasons y I look up to you.

    1. When I started out, I based my rates on the value the customer attributes to the product or a service. Basically, what the customer is willing to pay, and I would start my negotiations at this level. And in the beginning, I never left any money on the table. Over time, you will be surprised at how much people are willing to pay and build your rate card from there. Look at the value of your work and the amount of time you have put in… is it worth that X amount of money? I also think it is a good idea to look at a rate card from your peers to see what they are charging so you do not end up shortchanging yourself.

  23. But seriously do you have a boyfriend???

  24. Hallo Sylvia, you are doing a great Job, love the new look of the Blog and the ever changing content. Hope that am not too late with my question…How do you juggle (amazingly) all the different aspects of your life (Motherhood, Fashion blogger, Stylist, Friend etc). Some Tips would really help me…Thanks & keep up the good work.

    1. I believe that dedication to your family, friends, your career and yourself doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

      Strive to achieve a balance in all all these important aspects of your life that relate to each other eg if you are happy at work… you will be a happy mom and happy wife etc… Find out in which area in your life you are unhappy fix it, and the rest will flow. But of-course… nothing is perfect, I have my ups and downs too 🙂 #life

  25. Love your style.Inspiring.Edgy.Bold.Experimental.
    What’s your body care routine?
    Do you wax:) what about your skin?what would you recommend for a beginner using make up?

    1. I believe in waxing when necessary. The pain does get bearable with time.
      I honestly don’t have any out-of-the world body care routine. My Nivea or Fa body wash for a shower is all I use.
      Occasionally a sea sand body scrub!! best ever !!
      I am a bit wary in recommending makeup products as I am not an expert in this field, and I believe different people respond individually to various products. I’d suggest visiting a make up store and speak to a lead make up artist

  26. I want to take you back a lil. . .where did you do your maternity shoot and and the red flawless net was from what store? TIA

    1. It was a fabric that I draped over my body 😀 Soft Chiffon 3metres long.
      lensed by http://www.petercacah.com

  27. What influences what you are going to wear?

    1. Mood, Weather and occasion 🙂

  28. What camera do you use . you are a bit of a photographer and fashionista

    1. canon 650D with varied lenses. A 50mm is what I use 50% of the time

  29. hahahahaha u r very smart and humble !!!!!!! Brilliant answer

  30. Thank you Eva 🙂

    I used about 2 and a half to 3 balls of yarn

    I love what I do. I’ve said this before – If you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life. But truth is, somedays I do not feel like blogging, and I try to remind myself why I started doing this. I read your emails and comments, And I slowly get back to it. You can read this post


    i’ll work on the online shopping post. Thank you so much for the feed back…

    1. Don’t mention it 🙂
      Thank you will check it out.

  31. I love that you go out of your way to shoot in various locations – Very refreshing ! plus, you are a pretty girl.
    I will be following you and will drop a comment if I see anything that I feel needs improvement. And you do the same on my blog :))
    happy blogging xox

  32. hello njoki?better late than ever….wow i must say am in love with your smart work….so thumbs up…i would like to know whether you can shop with someone whos her wardrode needs some help?thank you.