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athleisure[su_dropcap style=”simple”]I[/su_dropcap] am so excited to share with you this new trend that I have recently warmed up to. There is no doubt that most of us have followed the global shift towards a much healthier lifestyle including better eating and drinking habits and lots of physical exercise, whenever we have the time and opportunity.

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And just like our daily lives cross from home to office, to gym, to social commitments, to chilling at home, to hanging out with friends, designers have brought us new fabrics that fuse technology, tradition and technique from sportswear design and bring comfort, style and performance to everyday garments. Active-inspired wear, sports luxe, athleisure; whatever you choose to call it, is a long term trend boosted by our commitment to healthier living paired with a desire for a fashionable and functional wardrobe. For the last five years or so we have seen athleisure wear being embraced more and more by most fashion brands and even by luxury designers to become a genre in its own right. It’s a brilliant umbrella term for anything, which you feel can do more for you than conventional fabrics. Maybe it’s cotton that has a good stretch in it, a water repellant jersey or some sexy leggings – in other words clothes with top-level functionality that isn’t necessarily sportswear. A very interesting case in point is that of Levi’s, which responded to a fall in worldwide denim sales by looking at form hugging athletic inspired wear for inspiration in order to create more edgy, comfortable jeans. And here is an amazing tidbit of news from the investigations of SportsOneSource into lifestyle clothing uses. It shows that in 2013 the sales of yoga apparel in the US rose by a staggering 45%, while actual participation in yoga only rose by 4.5%. Now this is an eye opener of sorts, which I just love to share, on which styles appeal to modern trendy women. Yeah sisters, athleisure wear is in! Comfort is more and more becoming the most highly prized quality in our favorite athleisure items designed to not only look but also feel great and add movement with stretchy compositions closely fitted to the body adding this indefinable notion of freedom, which to me is and should be the future of fashion. Athleisure is more than just a major trend for 2016. It’s a game changer, ticking the boxes for you by providing comfort, style and performance, all in one.

Would you rock this trend? are sports inspired pieces staples in your closet ?

When it comes to Fabric care, here is a bit of insight on the care of Athleisure from the team of fabric experts at the P&G future fabrics event in Barcelona.

Ariel formulas provide advanced cleaning that delivers unbeatable clothing care for the latest natural and synthetic fibre mixes in athleisure wear, via a process of Ariel Fibre Purification and Ariel Fibre Preservation. This advanced Deep Clean Complex allows for washing at lower temperatures, helping to protect the colours and the fibres of fabrics, especially a fibre like elastane which is extremely common in athleisure and can be prone to damage.

Thanks to its proprietary blend of advanced cleaning technologies, Ariel removes seen and unseen impurities embedded deep within fabrics while also preventing them from re-depositing back on fibres to stop their build-up, as they can cause damage and premature aging of clothes (a process P&G clothing care experts call “grey veil”).

Ariel also helps protect the feel of comfort of athleisure clothes through FibreSCIENCE technologies specialized in optimising the wash conditions to help protect fibre integrity and preserve that “like-new” feel.

Downy’s formulation helps preserve the texture and construction of athleisure garments and provides an uplifting perfume experience.

Inspired by the link between people’s emotions and scent, Downy enhances garments and moods with sophisticated scent technology and perfume oils that provide an irresistible freshness experience and long-lasting fragrance throughout the day. Each delicate Downy perfume is made up of more than 60 scent components delivering rich, complex fragrance profiles.

Furthermore Downy penetrates deep in the layers of fabrics to condition the fibres and reduce friction between fabrics. Thanks to the process of Downy Fibre Protection, a visible difference can be seen after just 5 to 10 washes, with less bobbling and pilling, helping to protect the in-wear fit and “like-new” feel of your athleisure garments. Every drop of Downy contains billions of softness agents that help to reduce friction at a fibre level during the wash, as well as during day to day wear, minimizing the chances for fabric bobbling and pilling which cause damage and premature aging of clothes.

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