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My daughter’s baby room

Well before her birth, I had a dream of creating a girly room for Nielsine –  Originally, It was going to be all pink or all white, but since her play room (I will share pics in future) is jungle themed, I added some zebra ornamentation to break the monochrome image, and create some sort of tie between the two. It was very important for me to stay within my budget and make use of items I already had.babyroom7It took me a while, and I am currently in the process of sleep training her to move out from co-sharing mommys bed.  But honestly I secretly don’t want her to go… yet !

So in the mean time, this is where she takes her day time naps. And stores all her little clothes.



All the wall art was by a painter I hired. I designed the closet to be simple, but also low enough so she could reach her little clothes. My local carpenter executed it well! This is where I hang the dresses that she wears often. The lovely hangers are from only hangers …. Love them !








There was a lot of sewing involved, from the curtains to the cushions and throws… and honestly , this is the kind of sewing that doesn’t excite me lol !  All the fabrics were from Biashara Street, Nairobi.






Her favorite part of the room, must be the mirror section! She loves to stand there and admire her reflection and her outfits, totally adorable !

My crib is from baby shop at the Sarit centre. I have had many disappointments with carpenters and would advice anyone looking to invest in a baby crib to buy a bed that you can physically see.

The changing unit and height ruler are from funkidz,

I did not get the changing unit in this color, the painter painted it white and I tried my hand on the flowers lol

I am not an interior designer, but this was a challenge I was willing to take. And I am proud of myself for taking the plunge.

Have a great weekend.

Silvia xoxo