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Back to School, But first a Mini-me Cold Shoulder top

This week marks the last few days of the school holidays. Nielsine had such a great time in her Playgroup last year, and we are all excited for her to start her first year in foundation studies next week. The holidays for me and the family was a long happy period of spending quality time with each other – not to mention our late morning snoozes. We did have plans of traveling to Lamu or Amboseli, but when it came down to it, I found that mother-daughter time was best spent in the comfort of our home especially with the increased work load with my new blog styleyetu. The long holiday at home also gave me and my daughter more time to enjoy the beach, and on some mornings we actually woke up at 6 am for a beach walk but I believe the highlight for her this holiday was getting her two German shepherd puppies, which were just about three months old by the time school was over, and since then have been growing bigger and bigger and more mature day by day. While at first, they were small enough for her to carry them around, they eventually became so big that their loving jumps on her could almost make her fall. Spending this time together bonded them for life, and I know that they will be her best friends and protectors forever and we now have a full home with four dogs!
I cannot believe it has been over a year since I shared a mini-me post, but I occasionally still enjoy dressing up in matching outfits with my daughter even when I do not share them here. For this particular shoot, I wanted her to enjoy one of my favourite trends to wear for the warm days on the coast – the cold shoulder top. At first, she was excited to look like mama, but she eventually got a bit irritated by the sleeves and asked me to take the top off before we stepped out for lunch. Looks like I will be reworking some spaghetti straps for her…

Both our tops are DIY’s

For the chokers – Here

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