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Growing up, my Christmases were very different from what they are today. Some things have been constant, like having a Christmas tree, but none of us children expected to find any present under it. Until I was well into my teens, all I expected – and all I got – for Christmas was a new outfit, which I then flaunted proudly at church for the mass before heading home to a copious feast.  It was the same for all of my friends as well, and probably still is for a majority of Kenyans. That was life, as I knew it and loved.

Charles Ngomo Photography

My little family and I have come a long way, and the presents I have bought for my daughter this year are more than Santa can carry; Sometimes I wish I had had a childhood like the one I am giving her, But I also hope that soon she will realize that what today seems like a norm, is a true privilege.

These were some of the thoughts, which came to my mind when I was going through the photos for today’s post and especially looking at the proud Maasai warrior, who stood with me at the top of the rock.  He became my friend during my visit to Lake Magadi last month, and taught me some valuable lessons.

I was blown away by his humble attitude towards life; He and his family have only few material goods in their modest home, but expect nothing more from their life than good health, two or three meals a day, well-fed cattle and a loving family relationship.  He has to walk for hours to get anywhere; including going to work, and the children in this community must run long distances to get to school.  That’s the life they have lived for centuries, and to a large extent the life they are content with. Appreciating the simple pleasures, which this life is offering them day in day out.

As we begin to celebrate our Christmas, I remember that there is so much happiness to gather from the simple and free things in life – like a loving relationship, good health, great weather and true friendships. Because truly the most satisfying things in life, cannot be boxed and do not have a price tag. What are you thankful for this Christmas? 

I made this top for my Christmas parties in the sunny coast where I am spending my holidays. The soft organza allows the cool air to sip through in amidst heat. The location was perfect, I loved this shoot; the soft breeze and crisp light of the setting sun provided the perfect elements for our photo shoot. But no sooner had we started clicking away than the rain clouds floated in above us and made way to a heavy downpour that got us scampering downhill to our van. A truly hilarious moment!

Earrings – Adele Dejak, Top -DIY, Skirt – Same here, Bra top – Woolworths, Shoes – same here, 

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