Body suit, Pencil Skirt


I am so happy to finally be at the coast for the holidays! I wore this outfit for drinks and dinner one warm evening. Its nice and pleasant and I love dressing for this kind of weather. I had to give the side-boob a try… and I really love this body suit!

And to me its just like showing cleavage only fom a different angle. Piece of advice though, If you are daring enough to wear one, go for a size smaller and get some double sided tape, Then own it !!

My friends at Meleona sent me this beautiful neckpiece!

I also  have a different piece of jewelry from them, which I shall put up for my first christmas give away tomorrow!!

But in the meantime I can recommend that you take a look at what is available from a range of first class jewelry designers, and you might be tempted to buy that special someone a piece for Christmas. You can find the direct link on the widgets on the side bar.

IMG_1638 IMG_1652 IMG_1576 IMG_1657 IMG_1585




Check in tomorrow! you just might be the winner!

Neckpiece – Meleona > here

Bodysuit – Make me chic

Skirt – Topshop

Shoes – same here


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  • Loving the side – boob trend but I think it’s only for A – C cups.The ‘top-heavy’ should just pass…

    Wouldn’t mind your heels as a Christmas gift though

    • Stylebysilvia

      I agree. Maybe C plus cups might have slip ups 🙁
      These heels are loooved. maybe for new years 😉
      Thanks for the love xoxo

  • grace alice Ndiege

    Am just wondering do you wear nipple covers or tape your boobs or something. This look right here takes courage, I keep wanting to try but I am not sure I trust my ladies will fight gravity

    • Stylebysilvia

      No nipple covers. I don’t even wear bras unless I really have to. However as I said, I should have gotten a size smaller… I ordered a medium. Should have gotten a small… Its not the most comfortable outfit, so a bit of tape would save you the trouble

  • Omg you look so good 🙂 you wear it so effortlessly

    • Stylebysilvia

      Thank you. I love a little bit of sexy 😉

  • Jane Njambi

    Wow! Daring and sexy. Kenya’s trendsetter…. I wish I could wear this, but I think my boobs are too big. Love the neckpiece too and cant wait for the give-away!

    • Stylebysilvia

      Asante for your kind words 🙂

  • Muthoni Musyoka

    Heh! My dear, This takes tonnes of guts to pull off.. I however will stick to cleavage, My double Ds errr… Cant hack!!

    • Stylebysilvia

      Haha. Yes, takes a bit of getting used to. Thank you

  • TheReelRhee

    omg!!you are the mother of guts! I totally cant pull that off..
    it works well with your body 🙂 looks so graceful

    • Stylebysilvia

      Graceful 🙂 interesting…… thanks xx

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