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Busu Cosmetics Lipstick and Lipgloss Review

If you know me, or follow me on social media, you know I love make-up and I  will occasionally  share a facebeat. So when Busu cosmetics asked me to try some of their lipsticks and glosses, there wasn’t two minds about it.


Here are the swatches


It has taken me a while since I received them to do a review, this is because I wanted to try them over time before giving you my review.




A deep purplish color with excellent shine. I normally wear a single layer for the day, but pile on the layers for deeper intensity at night. I am not a lipgloss girl, but I would definitely get this one again, especially because I prefer darker purple shades to lighter ones.

*LOVE – that even after piling on layers, it is still smooth and not sticky.



busupartypopI have always wanted to try blue lipstick. This color is very bold and definitely for the fearless. I think it is more for a fashion show or a magazine editorial. I could feel the stares when I wore it. I love attention, but this was a tad too much. If you would like to try it, wear something blue, or blue accessories to even it out.

*LOVE: How it photographs, I am looking forward to try it for my editorial and styling projects





It is not very pigmented, I felt that I needed to put layers and layers, which is a bit frustrating. It may look similar to party pop after all the applications but, it is a lighter blue. I did not like that it smudge. Needless to say, Party pop is my go-to blue lippie.

*Least fave




A soft but popping pink that wears well for a good 4 hours without re-application, very smooth with a bright shine. Suitable for everyday wear, and I think It would look good on most skin tones, so a definite score for make-up artists looking for a versatile pink to have in their kit.

It did stain my lips, but a bit of  my sugar lip scrub quickly got rid of that

*LOVE – Very hydrating,I  felt like I was wearing a gloss








This was the first product I tried from their line. I love how it looks on me. Very hydrating as well and it feels very smooth. Busu glosses are not sticky and that appeals to me. However, It did not go for more than 2 to 3 hours without losing it’s shine, which is fine by me. What I did not like about this particular gloss is the dreaded ‘milk line’ that forms in the inner lip less than an hour after applying it. Something I did not experience with their ‘hero gloss’ . So hopefully they will improve on this before their launch.

*LOVE  – A beautiful everyday colour.




I had to finish this post with my favourite of them all. Shy is a creamy nude colored lipstick. It wears very smooth, creamy , moisturizing and long wearing. If this lipstick works for your skintone, don’t hesitate to get it.

*LOVE – I wasn’t very keen when I saw it in the tube, but it has quickly risen to be in my favorite lipsticks stack.


Busu lipsticks and glosses are not scented and are packed in an easy to carry convenient container.

They are set to launch anytime soon, and you can buy the lipsticks for Kshs1500 and the glosses for Kshs1000 from their website. A fair price I would say.

Have a great weekend