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Caped in Palazzo

silvia njoki pallazzo

I had a field day yesterday fooling my friends and followers on social media.
I love April fools day, and for yesterday’s prank, I showed a photoshopped tattoo on my back with a passionate message of love to an imaginary boyfriend.

I am learning more and more about the possibilities of Photoshop and I am looking forward to play around more with this exciting application with virtually unlimited possibilities.
The perfect end result certainly fooled quite a lot of people, and I spent the whole morning laughing at my joke. My mom however totally freaked out and it took a while for me and my brother to convince her otherwise. What a day !

Did you fall for any pranks?
Speaking about jokes, the weather in Nairobi now is no joke at all. The chilly weather has set in force and today’s outfit is an example of how you can stay cozy, warm and stylish.

style note

For the longest time, wearing capes was all about proportions and I would wear them with tights or cigarette pants, Always kept it fitted at the bottom. But I’ve decided to up the fun factor and I am loving them with palazzo pants and maxi skirts or dresses.

Go big or go home !

sylvia njoki

silvia njoki silvia njoki cape silvia njoki pallazzo silvia njoki caped coat silvia njoki blog sylvia njoki

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Thank you !

PHOTOGRAPHY by Marvin Olele

Cape -Thrifted

Pants – 4U2 at the Sarit centre

Shoes – same worn here

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  1. I actually fell for that prank!! I even took a screenshot to show my sister how much of an amazing tattoo u got!!felt so cheated when I realized I had been pranked!sigh
    Loving the going big with the cape!


    1. Looking forward to come back to the chilly Nairobi weather next week and wear more capes and coats

  2. Wow!So pretty..Don’t I just love that cape?! You nailed it!

    1. Asante Linda

  3. I had taken a friend last year to shop for a wedding dress and ended up trying a few and took pictures.I never posted them much so on fools day I sent them out to my colleagues at work and a few friends and told them I got married in a small intimate ceremony and I’m sorry I didn’t invite them. Hell broke loose!!! some caught feelings some sent well wishes..it was so funny processing all those reactions. Lol. Anyway you look good and giiiirl,eye brows always on fleek. A tutorial maybe? I gave up on mine..Happy Easter

    1. That’s so funny