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[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”2″]T[/su_dropcap]hank you, thank you, thank you! Your loving votes brought me up in front in the competition for the BAKE awards. The 2015 Awards of the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) for Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog, and Kenyan Blog of The Year are both ours … Can you believe it ?


Yaaay!  And as long as you stay with me and continue to give me your invigorating and inspiring comments and feedback, you will watch it grow further and further, to give you the very best I can.

We are like a big family – and a rapidly growing family at this stage – so let me be perfectly honest with you.  I did not see this coming, because as much as I value my blogging activities, I knew that we were up against strong competition from my fellow fashion bloggers.

Sharon Mundia, www.thisisess.com  who won the award last year. I thank her for being so kind and gracious on Saturday evening. She came looking for me, hugged me and wished me well.

Anita of www.stylesketches.com who sat next to me and cheered me on selflessly all night.

Joy of www.ourstylekenya.com This girl is a rare gem, I have known her for a while and adore adore her style. She is so lovely in person and It shines through her blog and on social media.

MsKibati www.mskibati.com I met her for the first time last Saturday night and she is such a beautiful and bubbly lady,  and she had on the prettiest outfit.

 The award gala on Saturday night was, as you can imagine, an awesome experience full of tension at first and then the joy of winning my two treasured awards.  This is a night I shall never forget. These awards took me by surprise! I must be doing something right! and I know in my heart that I must continue to stay on this track and not to cut any corners when it comes to being the best I can be.  Which is what you who come to my blog every day deserve. Your support has given me the strength and determination to move on with my blogging activities with even more commitment to give you the best I can.

This is the 3rd award in less than a year ! I can never thank you enough. words fail me as I try to show my deep gratitude  ! Asanteni !!



Here are some more pictures of my outfit. My yarn locs are grey, but they look white/blue and sometimes purple on some pictures I have seen on social media 🙂

stylebysilvia silvianjokiblog



Jacket and pants – Thrifted

Dress top – Tailored

Neckpiece – Maasai Market

Shoes – old from Angelo, Same worn here  and here

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  1. Wow congratulations Sylvia, you deserve it. So so proud of you, my prayer is that may the sky indeed be the limit 🙂

  2. Congratulations Silvia!!..you deserve it.

    1. Thank you very much

  3. So proud of you girly. You deserve it and so much more. It only keeps getting better 😉

    1. Asante sana ☺

  4. Woow..am so proud and happy for you. You look lvely in an all white outfit


    1. I love my allwhites thank you for dropping by xx

  5. This is just but the beginning Silvia..Am so happy for you.

    1. I believe so. Thank you !

  6. God bless the work of your hands… You are an inspiration and you deserved these awards!!! Keep at it and we are right behind you.. Alaaafu, ati the trouser and jacket are a thrift? Okay, I rest my case, they look sooooooo goooood!!! Congrats dear.. xx

  7. Silvia yours was well deserved! From the new segments in your blog and your tone that makes us, your readers, feel like we are having a conversation, has put you up there. May God continue blessing you and my vote still goes to you in the years to come!

  8. Congratulations! This just goes to show that patience and hard work pays off. Now that outfit and hair, I am in love! I’ve been wanting to get faux locs installed again but in a different color rather than black and this just looks awesome. Don’t know if I’m ballsy enough but I jut might give it a try.

  9. Big congrats to you Silvia.while I voted I thought to myself how much of a difference can the minny me make…and Alas! You did it. When I read and saw on your pictures that you won! I had that ‘we won’ sought a thing going on. May you continue to shine and use the lovely gift God has endowed in you amazingly. Looking at your blog brightens my day and I believe so many others. Shine baby girl shine!!!!

  10. Congratulation Silvia.May you continue to shine and seek God through your journey. You rock baby girl! Now more and more eyes will be on you, the most important thing is to still be you,your your best when your simply exuding your style.

  11. Super Happy I voted twice and you Won!!!! I know everyone has said this but you are such an inspiration. thanks again for replying to my instagram tags, atleast you’re not proud. stay humble God will lift you up more and more.

  12. Congrats Sylvia
    well deserved win!

  13. Yay! My vote counted! CONGRATULATIONS SILVIA! YOU DESERVE IT! Cannot wait to put up your interview with Pendotalk!

  14. Can’t even describe how happy I am once again.You deserved each of those awards hun.May God grow you beyond what you can imagine:)

  15. Congratulations Silvia! http://www.allkenyanrecipes.com

  16. Congrats! And girl I am loving everything about your look, from your locks down to your toes. Completely gorgeous.

  17. Congrats dear,you deserved those awards,you inspire us big time.


  18. I follow each and everyone of the blogs you were up against and as I cast my vote all I was thinking Sylvia deserves this so imagine my jubilation upon logging onto instagram and finding out you had won!!! Not just the fashion blogger but also Blog of the year! I was over the moon! You’d think I had won the awards myself! And your outfit that night slayed!

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