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Everything You Need to Know about Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

I recently spent a week in Rwanda at the invitation of the Rwanda Tourism Board  VISIT RWANDA and had the unique opportunity of going on a hike to meet the amazing mountain gorillas. It was really one of the best experiences of my life and I would like to share with you some tips and most frequent questions that I have encountered about this experience. The following information may help others to enjoy the same experience:


  1. A gorilla tracking permit costs about US$1500, but there are special offers available for Rwandan and East African Community residents


2. Currently covid tests before the hike are mandatory. The minimum age limit to track gorillas is 15 years


3. A safari company should be able to arrange your gorilla permit and book your accommodation close to the park. You can also book directly via Irembo, Rwandas Government E Platform


4. On the morning of the hike, Visitors gather at the Volcanoes National Park headquarters in Kinigi at 7 am, and are allocated a family group for the day according to their fitness levels. The hike to each gorilla family will have a group of not more than 8 persons. Clients should be properly dressed and in good physical condition as some of the treks can be physically demanding


5. Licensed porters are available at a small fee to carry backpacks as well as to offer a helping hand along the route. The trek normally lasts between 2 and 5 hours depending on the location of the gorilla family


6.  Wearing a mask is mandatory while with the gorillas. The gorillas are calm and will carry on with their interactions and even feed without any concern for their human visitors. You can watch a video I did on my trek of the gorillas here 


7. The guide will give you instructions on how to behave around them. You are allowed one hour with the gorillas. This is a unique and exhilarating once-in-a-lifetime experience that I hope you get to experience one day. I fell in love with this mother and baby gorilla that we got to spend time with during the hike.



Photos by Ku Black