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Celebrating Friendships

friends2What an amazing week that was. My days were busy with styling work but also loads of fun on the social side.
Which is why my beautiful Monday this week is devoted to celebrating friendships. And to share with you my thankfulness for the wonderful gift of friendship and my gratitude for all the awesome experiences I am able to enjoy with my friends.
You must know by now that I love to spend time with my friends, not only at night but also during my job related activities such as collecting outfits and accessories for photo shoots, when for instance my friend Sheila backs me up as a devoted friend and talented styling apprentice.

On Tuesday I went to a casino for the first time in my life. I had been invited for the re-launch of the Sunrise Casino at the Junction mall.
As an invited guest I received a handful of chips for free and went in a straight bee line for the black jack table. I had no idea how to play (didn’t even know that I was supposed to have a strategy). But can you belive it? Before I knew it, I had won Kshs 1,500!  I can see why gambling can be addictive. As for me, I just enjoyed the thrill and had fun with my dear friends Tallia and Ella.


Tallia was also my date on Friday when we had a mom’s night out alone, just the two of us, enjoying a few drinks of course and having a long and intimate conversation about the blessings of motherhood and building our careers. There is nothing more satisfying for us girls than to open our hearts to each other and support each other.


Saturday was a special day, since I had a long afternoon get-together with a lot of my fellow Kenyan fashion bloggers, many of whom I only knew from their blogs, but had never met face to face before. The best thing about it was actually to finally put faces to the names and kindle some personal friendships, which I hope will grow over the coming months.
Not surprisingly, we talked a lot about our experiences in the blogosphere and about the future of fashion in our dear Kenya, which we agreed is bright an exciting. We also talked constructively about how to cooperate in the future and promote the industry and our common goals. It was a really good experience, and I hope we can get together again like this sometime in the future.

Sunday, yes just yesterday, which already seems quite far away, I went out for the Koroga Festival, sponsored by Capital FM, where I spent a wonderful time with my friends Namnyak and Sheila, listened to the legendary Yvonne Chaka Chaka performing on stage, and celebrated the birthday of my dear friend Kalekye Mumo. I met quite a number of readers of my blog, Its always so beautiful to meet you in person.



I realize that I am blessed with wonderful and caring friends and I do not take it for granted. I thank God for them, and I thank God for you my readers, who have stayed true to me.
An exceptional week of love and friendship. And the memories are still lingering on and are making this day another beautiful Monday!

Have a Beautiful week.

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  1. An exceptional one too Silvia…blessings

  2. Very beautiful post Silvia 🙂


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  4. You had quite the busy eventful week! And you captured it so beautifully here! I have an addictive personality (if you can’t already tell by my addiction to StylebySilvia) so I will totally be steering clear of the black jack table lest a random lucky win gets me hooked!
    So envious of the Kenyan bloggers meet up…may be I should look into organising one for Ugandan fashion bloggers 😉

  5. i love this silvia!Quite an eventful week 🙂

  6. […] Sitting down to write this post and get some work done online,  is therefore a welcome and relaxing exercise while I build up the energy and determination I need for my evening workout today ( honestly not looking forward to it)  Because once you have crossed that bridge, it’s important to just keep going, adapt to the regimen, and stay on track, Which I haven’t been doing. Some motivation, anyone ?? Talking about habits, over the past year I have developed an attraction to all black outfits for nights out. Partially because I never have to worry about matching and black can be layered easily. Plus! you can never really go wrong with black. Here is the ensemble I recently wore when I had a mom’s night out with my my friend Tallia as seen on this post. […]

  7. I love your hair, when did you start on the dreadlocks?