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Gold Facial at Serenity Spa in Nairobi – Plus What You Can Expect at Your First Facial Treatment

I have always admired women in their prime with beautiful skin. They seem to be more confident and I believe a healthy and radiant skin has a lot to do with it.  I have been working on changing my skin care routine over the past few months and one of the things that I kept reading about, was the importance of frequent facials to restore the skins tone and moisture. I decided to ditch my DIY home facials and get a pro one.

I haven’t had a professional facial in almost 4 years! So last week I booked myself a facial at Serenity Spa which was recommended to me by my friend Pinky Ghelani. Serenity spa is nestled in a beautiful garden in Gigiri. My appointment was at 3PM and when I arrived, I was surprised to discover how busy the spa was, especially because I had never heard of it just 3 weeks earlier. I was welcomed with a refreshing glass of lemon and orange water at the reception, which I enjoyed as I filled my client form. This gives the aesthetician an overview of your treatment needs and desired expectations before commencing your treatment.

I was then led to a citrus and mint scented facial room where I proceed to change before laying down on my heated bed – so relaxing.

serenity spa in nairobi

serenity spa nairobi

serenity spa

I was booked in for a luxurious gold facial, which was completely new to me. The natural products used were infused with 20 to 24 carat gold, grape seed oil. A collagen renewal face mask, the moisturizers and cleansers are packed with milk and honey… what a treat! Everything from the gentle, loving massage strokes, yummy scented products, to the soft jazz playing in the background was so relaxing. I had planned to stay awake and take mental notes of the whole procedure, but after the evaluation of my skin, cleansing and exfoliation I fell right asleep… I only woke up when my aesthetician went on to doing the extractions. Actually, they didn’t hurt very much, but enough to wake me up.

serenity spa facials

steaming facial at serenity spa

facials in nairobi

eye mask

serenity spa nairobi

eye cream

spas in nairobi


My aesthetician Grace was quick to compliment my healthy looking skin, but also gentle in noticing the warning signs of lack of sleep around my eyes and for this she used a special eye mask. My one hour facial went by so fast and I enjoyed it so much that I wished it could have lasted longer. My favourite part was the face and shoulder massage, plus the foot massage I got while the face mask is was on.

Afterwards I  talked to Grace about the procedure, and here are a few things which I learnt and you need to know especially if this is your first time.

Before the facial

No major preparations need to be done, arrive early to ensure that you do not miss your appointment, In a busy spa as this one, coming in late may affect the whole schedule.They sent me an email with all I needed to know. You can see part of it below.

serenity spa nairobi

The procedure

This will be specific to the type of facial you choose, your aesthetician will advise depending on the nature of your skin, It generally involves makeup removal, skin analysis, exfoliation, massage, steaming, extraction, use of the facemask and intense moisturising. They also pay attention to your neck and shoulders.

It should not hurt

The facial should not hurt at all. I used to have burning discomfort when I got facials years ago. This is a moment to relax and enjoy yourself. If it hurts please alert your facialist immediately.

Beware of big events that require makeup

Grace advised that I should not wear any makeup for atleast 24 hours. Luckily, I had no major celebrations or events that needed me to wear my makeup. The next evening I wore makeup for this shoot and the glow was still visible, the facial had managed to battle the shine of my oily skin and the makeup went on smoothly.

How soon will you see the results

After the facial my face was visibly healthy and glowing, Even my mom who didnt know that I had a facial that afternoon commented on my glow when I got home! See before and after at the end of this article.

How often will I get a facial

I was advised to get a monthly treatment and I will adhere to this. The long term benefits are worth it. I am fast approaching 30 and I am determined to take care of my skin the best way possible.

Make your results last

Investing in a good facial means making sure that you get good value for your money. I have a skin care routine that I am happy with. If you do not have one, talk to them about this, they will advice you on a routine that will help you maintain the results.


The cost of facials at Serenity Spa range from 2000 KShs upwards. The gold facial I got was 7000 KShs and from my research this Indeed fair price for a high end facial in Nairobi. Your skin is your largest organ, the skin doesn’t lie. if you take care of it, it shows and overall makes you feel more confident.

before and after facial


You can book an appointment here

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