When I first wore this fringe skirt, the rhythm and movement of how it swayed made me feel like I could confidently take on any dance move or dance off battle – for that matter. 

Photography – Charles Ngomo, Royal Reel Photography

I have never considered myself the best of dancers, but some people may look at it differently, take my daughter for example. She enjoys dancing so much that she will insist that we join her each time, even to simple tunes from her electric toys. As long as I can remember I have always loved to watch music videos on TV, and admired the artistes for their killer moves. But somehow I never danced much as a child. Or rather, I didn’t care to try. It was only when I grew older that I learned to abandon all inhibitions and just flow with the music.

I believe that song and dance are wonderful ways to express emotions – just like the clothes you choose to wear, do.

And just like my fringed skirt made me want to dance, other outfits also have the power to put me in a certain mood. I bet most of you have it the same way, right? I like to wear clothing that speak to me, and I have eliminated clothes which I am no longer on the same wavelength with – I like to call it a closet detox, and I do it every six months to a year, It’s no fun having a whole bunch of clothes, but you still spend every morning hand-on-hips-lip-biting, wondering what to wear? Get rid of clothes that don’t inspire you to get up and go !

Top – sheinside, Skirt – similar here, shoes- here and here, Bag- Romwe, Earrings – Topshop

Get rid of clothes that don’t inspire you to get up and go





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fringe silvia njoki silvia-njoki



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  • That skirt is to die for..I really love it..Looking gorgeous missy..!

  • Judy

    LOVE! !! Tots my style !!!!

  • Elle Okumu

    Taking your advice on getting rid of clothes that dont inspire me.Love this look. You rocked it.

    • Silvia_njoki

      Such a burden to have clothes that take up space. For nothing . Thank you xx

  • beingrosemary

    that skirt and clutch Amazing! you Look great!

  • first lets recognize how perfect your eyebrows look 🙂 see? yeah, then your hair cs someone put in WORK, (cs i cant have perfect hair like ever 🙁 )
    now, yes, i am sure if i wore that skirt id be feeling good – dance good
    looking good sana 🙂

    • Silvia_njoki

      Your hair can’t be that bad… and I do have bad hair days too…. lol

      • aki you just say that, not that i want you less perfect (no no) hahaha, modesty ha? 🙂 😀

  • Rose

    Location! Location! Location! Besides you looking smashing, I must ask, what is the location of the shoot. It looks amazing.

    • Silvia_njoki

      Rock house in Karen. Thank you Rose

  • Nya Gem

    Your make-up is amazing. De-cluttering is important, and I do this with everything not just clothes.

    • Silvia_njoki

      I probably should too. I have magazines from 10years ago that I can’t let go !

  • Pure elegance.Lipstick and skirt are so dope.

  • WatyWambu

    This is awesome… Great work as always… Just one question, where do you get your hair done? Thank you. God Bless 🙂

    • Silvia_njoki

      Black butterfly salon in viking house westlands. Mary and Waithera ☺

  • Love the fringe detail on your skirt and bag also the fact that your outfit is all black!!! I always say, black is a beautiful colour 🙂

  • Rae

    love the top and the color black! I have a post request here: kindly do one on your dreadlocks…what the general care regimen is and how involving they are. xx

    • Silvia_njoki

      I have had numerous requests on this. Kindly give me a few days to put together a post. xx

  • GlamourZONE

    Great look gal. that skirt just perfect. your hair is always neat it makes me tempted to put locks.