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Hanging out and Talking Skincare with my Oriflame Kenya Giveaway Winner

You may remember that end of April in the post My Skin Care Routine I asked you guys to send me comments about your skin problems for a chance to win a professional skin care consultation from an Oriflame expert plus a goodie-bag of products specifically chosen to help the winner to deal with her personal problems.

There were a lot of you that needed this, but it all came down to the lucky winner was  Suzie Adhiambo. Here were the skin problems she was struggling with


oriflame skin care

This past Tuesday I met with her at the Nairobi Oriflame office when she came in for her consultation.  I am always so happy to meet any of the readers of my blog and had a lovely talk with her before she had a skin care test with a skin care expert at Oriflame, adviced on the products to use and afterwards gifted a range of Oriflame products.

She is a fan of natural products but has not had the success she hoped for using her own homemade cleansers and masks, which is why she decided to join the competition.  I really hope that the Oriflame products, which are also based on natural ingredients, will prove to be a help to her and I wish her all the best. I will be checking in on her in a couple of months.

oriflame kenya giveaway

oriflame kenya skin care test

oriflame kenya

oriflame kenya silvia njoki

oriflame kenya skin care test kit

And for all the rest of you I should like to remind you that you can always go to any Oriflame store and get a free consultation and advice on which products you ought to buy.  The shops can be found in Nairobi at the Kenya Cinema, Sixeighty and in Goodman Towers in Westlands and in Mombasa at TSS building.

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