How to take Care of Your Child’s Leather School Shoes


Today foot wear is manufactured from a wide range of materials although leather still remains the material of choice for high quality shoes especially for outdoor use.  When I was in high school my best shoes were made of leather – specifically BATA Toughees – and comparatively expensive compared with other items in my wardrobe.  So I learnt how to take care of them in the best possible way to protect them against water and dirt and maintain them in perfect condition for as long as possible and make them look smart and shiny.

Since I also want the best for my daughter, I just got her these beautifully designed BATA leather shoes which she adores.   As I know from my own past experience such shoes deserve some tender loving care to look their best and serve you well until you eventually outgrow them.

A pair of quality leather shoes has been treated in the factory to be weatherproof, but exposure to rain and sun makes it a must to repeat this weatherproofing at home at regular intervals.  Preferably every day if you also want your feet to carry that happy shine.  Which is why my daughter’s (and my) shoe care routine every evening after a long day at school goes like this:

  • I remove dust and dirt with a clean brush plus and a special harder brush for the soles, to clear the surface for the application of the polish. This seems obvious, but is sometimes forgotten.
  • A few times a week, I will use a solution of lukewarm water and dish soap, and using a soft cloth I will wipe the exterior surface of the shoes. I then proceed to use a damp cloth to wipe off the soap and finally dry them with a towel.
  • Using the tip of a shoe brush I then apply a light even coat of high quality black shoe polish all over the surface and leave it there for a short while to dry before moving on to the fun part which is the actual polishing with some energetic strokes of the brush.
  • The final step is a gentle wiping with a shoe cloth to give the shoes that perfect shine.
  • I never dry our leather shoes in direct sunlight.

The brilliant shine not only protects the leather against the weather but keeps it soft and adaptable; in fact it is this ability of leather to mould itself to the shape of your foot which over time brings out the ultimate comfort of a well fitted shoe. The shine also testifies to your commitment to stylish grooming and brings an extra sparkle into your happy step.

The truth is that if you neglect your shoes, whether in care or in use, they will eventually deteriorate. So treat them like most of your other treasured things with love and care, and they will last you for years.


This post is in collaboration with BATA Shoes, however the thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

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