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sylvia njoki-fringe dress[su_dropcap style=”simple”]I[/su_dropcap] am always looking for unique and unconventional pieces to wear for parties and I currently can’t get enough of fringe!  Remember this all black fringe look from a while back? I felt supercool in it, and you guys definitely seemed to like it as well.  Fringe speaks to me of celebration, great music and good vibes. In fact there is something about a fringe piece that screams party to me – maybe because it moves so beautifully. This trend used to feel so boho and vintage to me, but lately they are designing some super versatile and trendy pieces, I got this dress from H&M, but I bet you could thrift a fun flapper dresses locally. And here are some thrifting tips for you. I paired this dress with this clutch from my January favorites, and that worked perfectly for me.

Charles Ngomo Photography

What are your weekends plans?

My little girl is on mid-term from her playgroup at school, and some of her friends will be coming over to play and swim both on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I also intend on starting my yearly body cleanse and detox this weekend.  I skipped it the last few years while I was breastfeeding; and last year I was just lazy. But now is the time. Please cheer me on and follow me on snapchat for this and more adventures @silvianjoki

Have a super weekend. 

H&M dress and clutch, Earrings – Truworths, Shoes -same here  

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sylvia njoki


silvia njoki




kenyan fashion blogger


H&M gold clutch


H&M fringe dress


gold accessories


black and white

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  1. wow your style is always so unpredictable.. love the clutch and nails especially.
    I love this look too http://silvianjoki.com/thighhigh/ unpredictable

    All the best with your detox, ill be following your story on snapchat

    1. I am on day 3 now. I should post more on my snapchat story 🙂

  2. Nice one

    1. 🙂

  3. You truly look amazing.loving the blue fringe.thank you Silvia for a great post.

    1. Asante sana, thank you for reading

  4. I swear the second last pic could make it to Vogue or one of those International magazines..
    Damn girl!You are always a slayer!!
    #StyleCrush all day every day..keep it up!All the best as you detox.. 🙂


    1. really ?? haha thanks xx

  5. So refreshing! That clutch is everything. Well, so is the dress. So festive!
    personal food and travel blog

    1. festive indeed 🙂

  6. Beautiful earrings Silvia….
    The post is beautiful too….


    1. Asante sana….

  7. Fabulous Dress and can we talk about the clutch ♥♥,all the best as you begin detoxing

    1. Thank you. On day 3 now… feeling great !!

  8. Love this dress and the fringing.. got a fringed light coat from H&M and years later I still love it.



  9. You look gorgeous!

  10. Aki that bag! ???

    Hope the cleanse is going well! Thought about a detox, then I thought against it. I’m too young. Haha read lazy! ?