silvia-njoki-nickelodeonSaying that I am overwhelmed would be an understatement.  I have been nominated for the 2016 Kids Choice Award for Favourite African Blogger!!!! See God you guys…I literally broke down in joy when I received these news 3 weeks ago and I can now finally share it with you! I have been nominated alongside three other very prominent African fashion and lifestyle bloggers – Aisha Baker and Theodora Lee both from South African, and Uche Pedro from Nigeria. I am truly humbled to be in such company and more than grateful to all of you who have given me your love and support through the years allowing me to reach this high point in my blogging career.

The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards  (KCA) , now in its 29th year, is a live event and TV show as well as one of the biggest kids’ celebrations in the world. It’s the only awards show which also gives our kids the power to vote for their favourites in a wide range of categories ranging from best actress and best male singer and now Favourite African Blogger, which has now been added to the list for the very first time, specifically for African viewers. The winners of the KCA awards will be announced at a huge show in Inglewood, California, USA on Saturday 12 March, and later broadcast in Africa from Wednesday 16 March on Nickelodeon (DStv channel 305), Nicktoons (DStv Channel 308) and MTV Base (DStv channel 322).

It would be a huge dream come true to receive this award. The winner will be decided exclusively on the basis of popular votes, and voting has been made as easy as pie:

So please vote for me please go to kca.nickelodeonafrica.com/vote  and click on my photo and name please don’t forget that you can vote as many times as you like – even within the same session.

To keep the action going on Twitter please tweet  @nickafrica #KCA #VoteSilvia 

Let’s bring this home !! You have made me what I am today, and I trust that you will keep carrying me forward to greater heights. I cant thank God enough, I cant thank you enough… 



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  • Liz Beka

    Already voted and congratulations , you deserve this one!

    • Silvia_njoki

      Asante sana. keep the convo going on twitter tweet “@silvianjoki @nickafrica #votesilvia #kca”


  • Silvia_njoki

    yaaay. and please drop me a tweet “@silvianjoki @nickafrica #votesilvia #kca”

  • Silvia_njoki

    thank you for the support hun also tweet me “@silvianjoki @nickafrica #votesilvia #kca”

  • Silvia_njoki

    asante sana. tweet me too “@silvianjoki @nickafrica #votesilvia #kca” 🙂

  • Silvia_njoki

    Letting god lead the way always:-) thank you

  • Silvia_njoki

    yesssss.! and tweet tweet tweet drop me a tweet “@silvianjoki @nickafrica #votesilvia #kca”

  • Silvia_njoki

    awww blesss.
    Id appreciate if you tweet as well drop me a tweet “@silvianjoki @nickafrica #votesilvia #kca”

  • Naima Ali

    Hey Girl….Congratulations….All the best already voted for you.

    • Silvia_njoki

      Asante Naima. if you are on twitter tweet “@silvianjoki @nickafrica #votesilvia #kca”


    You are a sponge honey!!!!
    keep going big and I will keep my support system so strong…..Voted!!!

    • Silvia_njoki

      lets bring this home. tweet me also “@silvianjoki @nickafrica #votesilvia #kca”

  • miss Nderi

    wow, that huge… congrats already voted will keep the convo going on twitter! all the best you are an inspiration

    • Silvia_njoki

      yaaay. thank you so much

  • Silvia ile kazi nimefanya ya kuvote and clicking the back button again back to the nomination for favorite African blogger! This one is yours.

    • Silvia_njoki

      yaaay, asante sana. also tweet me tweet “@silvianjoki @nickafrica #votesilvia #kca”

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