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silvia njokiSince my early childhood, we always drove past this beautiful forest on our way to Nakuru, to visit my grandma. And for as long back as I can remember I was fascinated by its serenity and always wished we would have had the time to explore it.


I always try to go out of my way to find the perfect location which will match and enhance an outfit, and when I put on this chador inspired top, I knew the time was ripe to let my dream come true…

A lot of people ask what inspires how I dress, and it is always hard to pinpoint one thing. This outfit for example, has been inspired by the buibui clothing worn by many muslim women, most of whom I have interacted with at the coast and learnt to appreciate their style. Its lightness and openness to ventilation fits the climate perfectly and, as you know, I do love all black outfits. So I had this dress made for me with a few tweaks to suit my style.

I also found that my new flash tattoos from michiko_art were a perfect accessory – somehow staying true to a style muslim women love – heena.
We were lucky to get to the forest to catch the soft light of the morning sun in this lovely pristine environment, which seems to fade away behind me as I walk towards you. I wish I could share with you the scent of the ground covered by fresh dew, bathed in rays of soft sun light. It was a magical morning, which would have done justice to almost any outfit.
And as I walked around in this open forest with its tall, slim trees, it occurred to me how much variety you can find in the nature of our beautiful Kenya, which many people think of only in terms of the open savanna, wildlife and the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean.
As I am heading back to my lovely home on the coast in a few days, I am full of ideas of how to flaunt flash tattoos in this different environment wearing more beach-type outfits. Maybe my daughter would love them too…


Style Note

-Flash tattoos come in silver, black and gold, they go on with water and off with oil, And can last up to a week depending on how well you take care of them. Mine lasted 4 days ( possibly because I use to much olive oil on my skin at night) 

-And you can also stick them on your nails. Super cool !

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Flash tattoos – Michiko Art  +254706207292

Top – Tailored

Tights – Old from Topshop

Neck pieces – Maasai Market

Shoes – same worn here