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Jungle green jumspuit

Hope you had a great weekend.

I did too, not only did I spend a quiet time with family, I also attended an album launch for my good friend Antoneosoul.

This is what I wore





Y’all should check out his new album ‘Starborn’ . He is an incredibly great performer too and I am glad I could get to enjoy that.
















This belt looks good from far, but boy-oh-boy is it uncomfortable. My friend Cece took it off and forgot it in my car one night after dinner, Now I know why she took it off and was not keen to get it back lol

It’s made of rigid metal that cannot tightly cinch on your waist without bending, So it kept exposing the belt loops… Not neat at all.

Does anyone know where I can get a better quality full metal plate belt ? I do have  this one from Woolworth’s, but it is wound into elastic.

Have a great week !


Bangle gifted same worn here

Jumpsuit – Jorges Wardrobe 0723434232

Shoes – Angelo

Rings – Mr. Price

Earings – Bought Oline from Topshop