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KIKOY SERIES – Baby A line dress

I love kikoys, which are inexpensive, colourful and cheerful fabrics. in the next few weeks.  I will be doing a ‘mini-collection’ of baby items made from Kikoy . A cavalcade of kikoy style !


PicMonkey Collage

Originally kikoys were conceived as an outfit worn by men on the East African coast from Kenya to Zanzibar, and they come in a wide variety of colour-combinations and designs.  But today also women wear them (which has encouraged the manufacturers to add more feminine colours to their palette), and for chilling at home I love to wrap myself in one, when the weather allows.


I like to make her dresses that are easy to wear and take off,  no fuss. comfort is key


This is my first attempt to dress Nielsine in kikoys, and I chose this simple tunic, which just requires two pieces (front and back) to be sewn together, with the straps.  I cut the patterns by tracing one of her old dresses.



the stripes at the top and bottom of the fabric to liven up an otherwise monochrome outfit. I also did not have to hem the bottom.

Next project is some kikoy shorts for Nielsine. I just hate that it frays so  much. any tips ?

love xx