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ripped tee

From distressed denim and now welcome distressed t-shirts, the beauty of fashion is that it is ever-evolving and it is so much fun to try out new pieces. I have been meaning to try on a ripped t-shirt (hey Kanye West) but It took me a while to warm up to it, so when I saw this top while shopping in Los Angeles, I just couldn’t resist the temptation to buy it just for fashion fun. Wearing it in this fashion daring city was fun and I walked unnoticed.

Photography by Murage Masolia

Wearing it in Nairobi, on the other hand, was more of a fashion experiment which I was aware of. But nothing could have prepared me for the reaction and the piercing stares and whispers of the people who spotted it. It was hilarious!
This fashion is not for the faint-hearted, but only for the fashion lovers who are not afraid to take risks. I am proud to own it, so to speak. And, who knows, maybe I shall take out a few of my old T-shirts and see how I can distress them in a quick DIY.

Tee shirt – Jgalt,  Pants –Stradivarius, Shoes – Backyard


lady in distress

white tee

distressed tee

ripped tee

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  1. make your own look more funkier and distressed,the one you have on looks like it went through a rat,moth ,cockroach attack especially that big hole messes it up.the small distressed holes make sense

  2. i would never wear that shirt. but You are a fashion risk taker and we need this in Kenya. keep representing. the world is your audience, not kenya. love the shoes. the look is very Rihanna inspired !

  3. I wonder how you would free if you lived in the u.s.a or europe. I actually love this look… very edgy.
    Diana Shao

  4. Loving the entire look…

  5. I have a very similar old t-shirt which I sometimes wear at the gym. And when I do wear on a normal day, people stare and some even ask me, why I’m wearing such a torn t-shirt. I’m always prepared for any sort of reaction whenever I have it on. it’s hilarious!!

    Have a nice day ?

  6. I love your work! love from Australia!

  7. Omg I totally want to DIY this!!


  8. Beautifulllll xoxo