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Little White Feathered Dress

Photos: Osse Greca Sinare (OGS Studios) @ossegrecasinare

Wow! a week into 2015 and I can already feel the rush and madness as we all settles back into work or school. Like many others years I attempt to pen down my resolutions and I must admit, half of the times I fail, but the joy is in trying because there’s always room to get better.

If I learned anything last year it’s to believe in myself. I have so much planned for the blog in the coming weeks, It can be overwhelming for a one man show, Bug giving up is not an option. I want to make your experience here, better, while still staying true to myself. I couldn’t thank you enough for your unwavering love and support towards me and this blog. I am so grateful. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Loving this sweet and flirty little white dress by Tanzanian designer Eskado Bird, This would be perfect for a cocktail party or beach party. The sewn in feather cape gives it that extra edge, and it allows me to go minimal on the accessories.

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 outfit by Eskado Bird