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Living Life in Color

Life has been busy these days – working and travelling full time, spending quality time with my daughter on her long summer holiday, and still leaving space for family, friends and me-time.  I admit that I do get a bit anxious and overwhelmed at times. And even when I try to sleep in or rest, my mind just gets caught up in all the things that I need to do. Maybe I set too high expectations of myself, which is both good and bad, because I do not think I would have made it this far in my career without setting goals and high standards for almost everything I do. On a good day, I will have a quick morning run to pump me up for the day, also a dress like this will almost instantly lift my spirits, cheer me up and make me look super fashionable, even when I am not trying so hard.

It’s no secret that I love to wear color and bold prints. Finding a color that works with your skin tone should not be a challenge. Here is my simple rule,  If you have a warm undertone, golden colors, yellows and peachy tones will compliment you. If your skin tone is cool, pinks, purples, blues and blush will work best for you. People with a neutral skin tone generally look good in most shades. But to be honest, as much as I follow these rules, I think that people of color generally can get away with almost any color.  And if I like a colour I just go for it.

Knowing me, you know I love my heels; however, in this case, I picked a pair of flats that I believe are the perfect addition to this dress. The mock bead-work has a sweet splash of color that works so beautifully. The accessories are by a Kenyan designer whose pieces are intricately made with precious stones; a true statement piece for any fashion lover. Charles and I had to be a little extra and shot these images in the wild.

silvianjokisignoff (1)

Dress – custom – fabric from Memsaab in Westlands

Shoes from Bata Kenya

Bangle and Earrings from – Poetic Trends Jewelry

poetictrends jewelry

poetic trends jewelry

green maxi dress

chiffon maxi dress

bata shoes kenya

bata shoes flats

silvia njoki

Photography by Charles Ngomo


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  1. Love the whole look and the setting. So Safari glam!


  2. my former boss used to tell us not to dress down when working during weekends beause our minds tend to also ‘dress down’. your article is very much on point. how we dress affects how we think and work….