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Man’s Best Friend, Our best friends

nielsineI have always had pets and as a child I was a cat person. We also had dogs, but they were guard dogs and I never got to really develop close ties with them.
It was only in my late teens that I developed a closer relationship to dogs; a relationship which has grown stronger and stronger over the years as I began to bring dogs into my own home. My first was a maltese named Hunky, who I got attached to, almost like to a child, and taught several tricks like jump, sit and shake.
He kept me company when I was otherwise alone in my apartment, and he was very fond of me, but otherwise very rowdy and loud. And he had the unfortunate habit of chewing up furniture and other items like my shoes and even a few of my clothes. So eventually he had to go. And I gave him up to my vet …. too sad to remember on a beautiful Monday. I later came to learn that the long hours alone made him lonely and destructive.
Before he left, he however got the company of my second dog Furahi. I had always wanted a Japanese Spitz, so when my professor in the veterinary department of University of Nairobi had a new litter, I did not hesitate to take the most handsome of the males to our home on the coast. He has quickly grown to be Nielsine’s bestfriend. He never leaves her side and will on most nights spend the night outside her bedroom door.
IMG_3558 IMG_3573
A year before Nielsine was born, the lonely Furahi finally was united with our youngest dog Toutou, a cute little Yorkie, who I got as a birthday present, and the two are now inseperable, and have brought so much joy into our home.
The most wonderful aspect of it is that for Nielsine as the only child in the house, they have become her best friends, and all three of them love each other unconditionally.

silvia njoki


I have had remarks from friends and followers on social media,  who are wondering if it is safe for Nielsine to be so close to them. Which reminds me of an article I recently read on children who grow up with pets and how they are less likely to develop common allergies thanks to early exposure to certain bacteria.

Having pets around has helped to teach us and our daughter responsibility and empathy. The two little ones are also for great for her physical development as they are always playing.

Today I celebrate these two, the most loving creatures, I’ve ever met!

Do you have any pets ? Share with me what you love about them.

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  1. OMG! A post like this just makes my day.
    I am happy to know there are people who love and treat their pets so well. I have two cats and i love them so much because even when i am down there are some small things they do they just make me smile. However dogs are more selfless than cats. Cats are just neat freaks!!!
    People dnt get my love for cats but for me it started when i was a small child.
    I also celebrate my two munchkins..!

    1. having had both cats and dogs. I totally know what you are talking about lol
      Cat are very loving and needy when kittens but as they get older it’s all about them !! Haha
      thank you for sharing xx

  2. Sigh our house is a no pets zone!! But I love dogs, and how overprotective they are-totally going to have that bunch in my house when I move out

  3. She has grown so big. I love pets too, and I happen to have a cat but a dog will definitely make them very busy. A great post


  4. That last pic is too adorable, thanks for sharing what its like having a dog, about to get a puppy soon and I cant wait

    1. Yesss. Tag me on a pic IG or twitter when you do @silvianjoki

  5. I love pets too and yes they help with physical development …my niece is learning to walk quickly thanks to my cat Pam,the play so much.

  6. your daughter is pretty just like you, beautiful pets you have there. what a nice post, keep up