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Mini-Me Jumpsuit

Quite a few of you have asked me to post more pictures of me together with my daughter Nielsine.


And in matching outfits, to be particular.

Originally, I bought this fabric at the Memsaab fabric shop in Westlands to make a jumpsuit for her, taking maximum advantage of the distinctive border at the bottom. But when I saw it, I just knew that I had to make one for myself as well.







Of course the dogs came along to the photoshoot – they tend to follow Nielsine wherever she goes. Their relationship is really special, and I am happy she has them.

This is a chill look we wore to lunch with her dad , and I enjoyed the compliments as well as the pleasant stares of admiration we got.

At the age of 16 months, she has matured sufficiently to wear outfits similar to mine and to be excited to notice that we look alike. I also love the “identical mom and daughter” concept, and shall definitely post pics of this type more often.

So here is the first of many more ‘Mini-me‘ posts to come

To an enthusiastic Fan… Sandy/Sandra who passionately asked for this. Here you go….. It was nice meeting you. x


My earrings and sandals are from Maasai Market

Ring from 4u2 at the Sarit Centre

Nielsine’s sandals are gifted