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Sweater top, Mini tutu skirt

A bit of a sombre mood on the blog today. Last night, a friend sent me a video of a young lady being stripped naked in central Nairobi, and publicly ridiculed by a gang of angry men, because they thought her outfit was either too short or indecent – according to their standards. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to watch. I had a difficult time going through my evening routine, and even now, flashes from that video and screams of the helpless victim, are still haunting me.

Needless to say, I cried a little, my heart is broken; how will she ever embrace her sexuality again, learn to love and embrace her body like she did? In an age where young women across the world are struggling with body image and self-esteem issues, It takes a lot of confidence for a woman to wear clothing that flatters her body, and I detest people who I felt did this for a second of laughter, just to humiliate and ridicule her. I believe there is always a better way to communicate. Is it really morally right to degrade another human being in such a way? A woman does not defile men by what she wears. It is their weak minds that breed their profane actions, which are the epitome of sexual abuse and defilation.
“Of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible, none is so degrading, so shocking or so brutal as his abuse of the better half of humanity; the female sex.”

― Mahatma Gandhi




For the sake of our sisters, mothers and daughters! Let us learn how to COMMUNICATE, and to accept people’s choices by not imposing our own personal beliefs and values…


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shoes-Backyard shoes – Ground Floor of Bandari Plaza, Woodvale Grove, Nairobi, Kenya
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  1. If she was stripped because she was indecent, should those who sag to their knees be stripped as well? ‪#‎MyDressMyChoice‬

    That was scary & not right at all.

    1. Weaker sex they call us…. shame !

  2. so sad…

  3. I love this post. I abhor the fact that even in the 21st Century women are expected o live by some guide book- one written by men. We musn’t speak our minds, laugh too loud or even wear what we feel beautiful in. It’s ridiculous, really. These are lessons we must teach our sons and daughters as we raise them as changing society as a whole may prove a challenge, but imagine if you can just mould that one little person in your household so they do not conform to society’s expectations.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. It reminds me of Chimamanda Ngozi. equality for all sexes. Someone needs to school these boys….

    2. Absolutely Wangari. Our kids can bring that change by what we teach them. Silvia, I echo the sentiments on this post. Sad sad times for women in this nation.

  4. This is the best look of the month yet!!And it’s really bad!The other day, I was coming from school.Right at the gate a tout spanked me yet I was in a jumper and pants, and the security guards were just watching.If I had a knife I’d have stabbed him I swear I was sooooooo humiliated.I fully support the demonstration by Kilimani moms next week!

    1. Sweetheart start walking around with a pen knife we are fighting fire for fire this is ridiculous! They are undressing so called scantily dressed women when there are women in Northern Kenya walking around bare chested with a loin cloth and no one bats an eyelid. These neanderthals need to remember that clothing came with the white man and the bible they were walking around naked before then useless fools! A protest is not enough these idiots need to be found they are on camera arrested and prosecuted let them be an example to would be strippers. If nothing is done about them they will only get worse. I remember some nonsense like this going on in the late 90s and then it was stopped how I can’t remember I was too young to pay attention. But this must stop. Ladies make a DIY mace spray simply put ground pilipili mixed with water in a spray bottle and have it accessible at all times should anyone try that rubbish spray it on their faces. I wish the women who live on that route would boycott the matatus and take buses at Kencom instead hit them where it hurts their pockets. Not only should these fools be prosecuted they should also be made to publicly apologize to the woman. Don’t make me get my grand ma to lay curses on them they will not like it. Kenyan women need to stop being timid and stand up for themselves we are fighting fire for fire I have my mace spray ready do you have yours? Why am I even waiting for my grand ma I am laying the curses myself.

      1. They banned pepper sprays. Yaay to Mace spray.
        So sorry Mumbi. God don’t sleep ! I can only imagine the pain and humiliation!

  5. may she be able to find comfort in her body again!! And may we find the courage to go beyond the society’s expectations


    1. I hope so… Time heals…..

  6. Wewe. Would you wear this clad in tao ? NI smart lakini


    2. Not that I wouldn’t want to ! But I am of course concerned about perverted idlers, rogues and rapists on the loose waiting to pounce on me!!!

      1. tell them….go girl your dress your choice

  7. I love what this post represents. I couldn’t bring myself to watching that clip. I opened the video and just closed it. It’s really not fair at all what some men do in the name of teaching women a lesson. we should be able to dress in whatever we want and if you do not like it,look left. I hope the lady finds peace within herself and finds her self esteem again. so sad. Oh,and you look good by the way,love everything!

  8. I love you and because I cried yesterday and I love your outfit today I finally decided to make time and comment. You are slaying head to toe but thats beside the point, you look beautiful because you ooze confidence. You chose that outfit and no where in your mind did you think how will a man think when I wear this. Yesterday was a sad day and today you brought back the sunshine. xx

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