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This was not an easy shoot, after driving for hours in the sun, trying to find this cliff. My team and I had exhausted our water resources, we were tired, hungry and almost ready to give up. It was also not easy getting to the top of the cliff to find the limitless sea of rocks, even with my heels in hands, I tripped a few times.  But sometimes I just want something bad enough to keep pushing myself despite the obstacles. It was almost noon and the harsh midday light was not working in our favour. My makeup was literally melting off my face and I was ready to quit, but I hoped against all odds.  And we made it!  The views from the top were breathtaking and I remember gasping and taking a moment just to soak it all in. And when we started clicking, as if by a miracle the sun dimmed and gave way to this soft, dark cloud letting  just the right light slip through.

Charles Ngomo Photography

While researching about Magadi just before our trip there, I was told that if you are lucky you will see lots of pink flamingos flying under the gathering clouds. They are beautiful birds to watch and this was my inspiration. I wanted to execute this artistic vision, and recreate it in a fashion related scenario. And when I look at these images, I think to myself, these are not just pictures, they are a story about my beautiful Kenya.

I knew I wanted an outfit that danced in the wind like a flying flamingo in the skies, and Melanie had the right piece! The monochrome vibe came up as I was looking for styling options. I love monochromatic ensembles. Wearing monochromatic outfits in soft colours or black is easy.  The challenge comes in when trying this trend in strong bright colours like this pink.  But as you know, I love challenges that ignite my creativity, and I find that breaking the outfit with neutral accessories helps to avoid looking like a walking crayon. I also like to layer multiple varied shades in the same colour.

I hope you are having a good day. 

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Dress – Afrostreet by Melanie, Shoes- Backyard, Neckpiece- Adele Dejak

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afrostreet mealanie


lakee magadi-silvia njoki


monochrome outfit - silvia njoki


adele dejak, Silvia njoki


nickelodean kids choice awards nominee