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Mothers Day in Our Crocs

Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity for my daughter Nielsine and I to bond over the things we love, enjoy our time together and celebrate this journey that we are on. This Mother’s Day we will take it easy – we plan to spend time on the beach or indoors or take a walk with the dogs. There is nothing I love more than sharing these moments with her. And as a mother daughter secret code, I have always loved wearing matching outfits with my daughter – I like to call her my “mini me” – and we have done that often to the great joy of Nielsine. This Mother’s Day, we are including the matching footwear in our outfits, with these cool matching Crocs.

Nielsine has loved wearing Crocs for years; not only for running around at home but also for wearing to the beach, they are lightweight, comfortable, easy to clean and wear and are the ideal solution for our hot and humid climate here at the coast. We always come to Crocs when walking on sand as well as in the shallow water on the exposed coral reef because it protects my child’s feet so well on the rocks.

But can you guess what is the most exciting thing about Crocs for this Mother’s Day? Crocs has so many cool designs that Nielsine and I were busy choosing our most loved one. And the Jibbitz! I love it that you can use the Jibbitz to add a personalised twist to your Crocs, we had so much fun decorating them, it was a sweet bonding moment for us. Making these our preferred fashionable casual shoes.

Visit @crocs.kenya for the chance to win a pair of Crocs Sandals for you and your Mom!

Happy Mothers Day !