My Experience Staying at the Watamu TreeHouse

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I love my home on the Kenya coast which is my refuge when I am able to leave my work in Nairobi behind me for a while.  But even here at home it takes a real effort to switch off and enjoy the beach and the nature around me.  So once in a while I allow myself a complete break away from the familiar surroundings to give my spirit space to rejuvenate itself for a day or two in total relaxation.

This is exactly what I did a couple of weeks ago at a lovely resort only some 50 kilometers north from here.  The Watamu Treehouse offered me a programme of unique and relaxing experiences which have already made it to the top of my favorite places on the coast.  This charming eco-friendly home was conceived and built by and is now being run by an amazing family which has infused all their love for natural décor and healthy living into this well hidden treasure tucked away in the mangrove forest of the Mida Creek a stone-throw away from the glittering white beach and the turquoise ocean.

I arrived there in the afternoon just in time to join the sunset yoga class at 5 pm in a especially dedicated room with a spectacular almost 360 degree view of the mangrove and the ocean.  It was my first yoga experience for a while but after this serene and invigorating session I immediately became addicted to yoga and am determined to continue down this path as a part of my overall fitness efforts, and I have already done a few more classes with the same instructor.  I am amazed how well it blends in with my running activities.

A healthy sundowner smoothie and a refreshing shower in my comfortable and tastefully decorated room was just what I needed before enjoying a full body massage and I was ready to come down for my vegan dinner which I had previously ordered.  It was tempting to hang around and chat for a while, but since I was planning an early morning paddling trip, I decide to retire to my room.  One of the things I truly appreciated about the room was that it was completely open to the outside and the balmy coastal breeze.

The stand-up paddling expedition on the Mida Creek (which is calmer than the ocean and therefore easier to manage for a beginner like myself) is a unique specialty of the resort and a wonderful way to explore the small channels into the mangrove forest with its rich bird life and lush vegetation.  It was a bit hard in the beginning, but once I had learnt how to maintain my balance without falling off the board it was so much fun that I just kept going and going and only reluctantly returned for my late breakfast. Followed by a quiet walk to the beach and a quiet time by the pool. It was a relaxing and invigorating experience and I would not hesitate to recommend this place to anyone looking to unwind and spend some quiet time reconnecting with themselves and with nature.

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