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favorite instagram accounts

[su_dropcap style=”simple”]I[/su_dropcap]nstagram is my favourite social media platform. I get so inspired by people, their stories and visual interpretations of their lives. Over the years, I have gradually discovered a number of accounts which are so beautifully managed and curated, and full of awesome, perfectly edited photos which are simply a joy to watch. Most important, though, is the inspiration I get from watching the very different styles and looks of the people I am following. Here are a few of my favourites, which I would like to share with you, and as you will discover they are all so different from each other, as I love to pick my ideas from as wide a range of sources as possible:
Here we go……



If you ever wondered what my dream closet looks like, you should check out Natalie. This Dubai based fashion blogger is my style icon. Her closet is taken out of my most beautiful fashion dream, and in my eyes she can do no wrong with her outrageously beautiful dress sense and straight-off-the-runway outfits. I think I have liked every single picture on her page…

natalia Shustova


Nyane is a confident, edgy and sexy woman tucked in a petite frame, and she has the attitude to show it! She is unapologetic about her fashion forward style and her feed is well thought out, clean and beautiful.



Demi is an Atlanta based fashion stylist and personal shopper, who is gifted at making the most inspiring outfit collages, and is always generous to share information on where the pieces are from, in case you would like to try the combination he makes.


Her pictures must be every fashion blogger’s dream; her intricate and detailed shots let her share her love for food and fashion, which makes you fall in love with both. I am particularly fond of her dainty accessories. But her greatest attraction for me is her overall style, which is unpredictable. One day she is dressed in a couture piece, and then in a very simple and down to earth piece the next day, and somehow she manages to pull off all of these different looks with equal sophistication.


No matter what she is up to, she stands out with her classy yet effortless style. Whether she is stepping out for a drink, on holiday,or walking down the street, Queen is always dressed to the nines. Plus she makes some of her outfits herself and sometimes features her daughter.


This Nigerian blogger based in the UK manages to elevate a very relatable style to a very impressive and edgy level. She will take the simplest of outfits like a pair of jeans and a crop top and rock them so stylishly. I simply love her effortless everyday style in fun combinations.


Soraya must be one of the very first fashion bloggers I started following, and she is still one of my favourites. She makes dressing up look fun. Her style is flamboyant and her styling game is super dope. She will wear a statement piece over and over again and make it look fresh and exciting each time. Not an easy task if you ask me.


This self-styled Serbian pop artist and a performer may not have reached Kenya with her music, but her unique fashion forwardness has taken me by storm. She has an amazing physique and a wardrobe to match. Her outfits are simply incredible, to say the least – very sexy and experimental and way ahead of our fashion time. I don’t know how she does it, but pieces she wore a year ago are more or less what the fashion conscious women are wearing today.


This South African fashionista is to me the undisputed queen of the red carpet looks. Check her out…. The most beautiful gowns, ever!

bonang M

This page is managed by two girls who match each other perfectly in their Bohemian lifestyle as well as on their photos, which offer you a kaleidoscope of colours and prints. Their unique, yet relatable style is fun to watch and especially their extraordinary statement accessories, which lift the overall look way up over the basic outfit. What I love most about their account is however how they try to use every powerful image to inspire others to express their uniqueness and follow their dream, in the way they are doing themselves. The page to me is a unique multi-cultural presentation which meshes fashion, art and poetry into a beautiful symphony.


I hope you all enjoyed my assortment of my fashion related Instagram pages and discovered a few which you might want to follow in the future. Please share your favourites, so I can check them out as well.

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