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Meet My New Baby


I can’t tell you how happy and excited I am finally to have launched my new blog STYLE YETU, www.styleyetu.com two weeks ago, which I think some of you have already discovered. Working in the fashion industry in Kenya for close to 8 years now, I felt that there were so many stories that I could tell, and already a year and a half ago I started to dream about sharing these stories. But somehow I felt that my personal blog was not the appropriate platform for such a variety of posts. I wanted to keep this space as my own to share my journey and my style, which is why I finally decided to create an entirely new blog for this endeavour.

It took quite a bit of preparatory work and especially a lot of thinking on my part to formulate the overall concept for this new site and to ensure that this brain child of mine took the shape I had been dreaming about. I realised that it would be impossible to produce all the articles on my own, so about six months ago I started to look for gifted writers and bloggers to join me in my efforts, and I now have a dedicated team of writers who are doing an amazing job. I truly appreciate their contributions to the blog and also enjoy mentoring these wonderful aspiring bloggers who are working with me to make our blog the best of its kind. But please be assured, however, that this blog (my firstborn) will always be very close to my heart and will continue.

I have called our new blog Style Yetu ( our style) because I wish the content to reflect and describe our East African (particulary Kenyan) life style in all its exciting and beautiful varieties, and share it with you. Not only with my fellow Kenyans and East Africans who are part of this pop culture, but increasingly also with international readers witha apan african interest, with an aim to highlight to them why we love to live in this part of the world and why we are proud of our culture – our music, our fashion, food both old as well as new. However since we are also keen to embrace the world and incorporate inputs from the international pop culture into our own lives, the blog offers selected stories on international events and topics – which I feel will be of interest to us. The blog is offering a daily flow of articles by myself and my team of writers plus occasional guest writers, covering topics in the areas of fashion, beauty, life style, events, entertainment and celebrity news – and even occasionally some insights into the personal thoughts of members of the Styleyetu team. We are trying to make the blog fun, entertaining and vibrant, but also inspiring and engaging. 

Check us out www.styleyetu.com

And thank you for the support so far.