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My New Hair, Goldilocks!

When my daughter saw my new hair for the first time, she said “you look like Goldilocks” – not very surprisingly since this is one of her favorite stories. Goldilocks, in fact, describes it rather well. And since then she has wanted me to play Goldilocks during our role-play of the fairy tale ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’.

Thank you for your ideas all over social media when I shared my inspiration here

On the day I decided to take the big plunge and have my hair dyed, I was going for a full blonde look. The hair colorist worked carefully on it under my scrutinizing eyes in the mirror. But because of the many years of treating it with black henna and black hair dye he explained that it would be impossible to achieve the full bleached blonde look in just one session. I was a tad disappointed. I dreaded the thought of having to go back to the salon a few more times in order to achieve my fantasy look, knowing that frequent treatments like this would continually damage my hair.
When my mom saw my hair for the first time, she wasn’t keen – and to be honest, I wasn’t either. The hairline was harsh and I was very uncomfortable. We both agreed that something had to be done.


Three days later, I went back for a narrow band of natural black at the front on my roots. I love it! And the good thing about the overall result is that I will not have to go back for frequent applications as my hair grows out.


One week down the road, I couldn’t imagine having it any other way. I love the ombre look, It is beautifully me and this color compliments my skin tone.
Last Friday when I premiered my new Goldilocks look at the OLX-SOMA Awards, where I was presenting an award, I purposely kept my outfit and makeup very low-key and neutral to let my hair do the talking.
Even for a person like me who makes very bold style decisions, I must say that this felt like a really deep plunge! But for every passing day I love my new hair more and more and I am now sure that I shall be playing Goldilocks for a while.

The downside – as I expected- is that my hair feels extremely dry and is in constant need of moisture and conditioning but I am learning and loving this new hair care routine.

dress –BCBG Max Azria, belt – here, clutch – same here

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  1. Change is good 🙂
    looks even great with the black dress you have paired:)

    1. I think so too Olivia. Thank you dear !

  2. I love the new hair Silvia that is so bold of you.

    1. Asante… 🙂

  3. I dyed my hair red sometime last year and then the hairline was so harsh coz of applying black dye like a year ago. I lived on turbans for two weeks at work before I could get it done again. But this hair really suits you.

    1. I love red too, maybe when I grow tired of this 😀 thank you Muthoni!

  4. As they say, change is as good as rest.. Wish I was that bold with my hair,the color looks so amazing on you

    1. asante, I do feel refreshed with the new look

  5. It looks great…I love it…yes, it stood out

    1. asante 🙂

  6. Love it!!! The ombré effect is always so 😍😍

  7. wooow amazing style love it

  8. This is such a bold move. I’m so conservative when it comes to my hair but I’m going to start taking steps to becoming more adventurous with it. This looks amazing on you, I’m inspired!