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My Perfect Handbag

silvia njoki_embody accessories (1)[su_dropcap style=”simple”]I[/su_dropcap] do not know about you, but if you are like me and I believe most women are (at least among my friends) there is that one bag which you cannot put down. I have sometimes carried the same handbag every day for close to two weeks, occasionally switching it up for extra dressy days. It’s a beautiful relationship to have, a bag that takes you from office to church, a bag that has space for your make up bag, notebooks and heck even an extra pair of shoes!!

Charles Ngomo Photography

Makeup by @phoinatosha

Shot at the Marula House

Dress- Neon27, Handbag from Sanabora Design House,  Necklace and Ring from Embody Accessories.

This type of bag is my perfect handbag.  To me a handbag is more of an essential than an accessory, and no matter how beautiful it looks, if it does not serve me in my needs for functionality, then something needs to change. Here are a few pointers that I have followed over the years:

silvia njoki, sanabora handbags (1)

Size and Length

I love a handbag that sits at waist level and feels secure when clasped under my arm; I  find this a reasonable length, not only for me, buy for most people. For an everyday bag, I look for one that can fit my basics (check out 11 things every woman should always carry in their handbag).  Following handbag trends can throw you off sometimes, too tiny a bag is impractical , too big a bag is impossible. Find your balance and it all depends on what is in your bag.

sanaborabags (1)

Shape and Style

Bags with a bit of structure and shape work best for me. My life takes me to very formal and sometimes very informal situations. The style should be fairly minimalistic but with a few fun details – like these cow-hide pockets. For those days when I cannot switch up my bags, a bag in a muted colour that matches well with most of my outfit will do the trick. This bag should be made of long lasting material preferably leather. Yes, leather costs more, but a bag of this quality will last you for years to come and will look and feel better with each passing day.

silvia njoki_embody accessories (1)


My bag has to be practical. It has to fit my laptop for those days when I need to carry it around. I need at least two compartments and a pocket for my wallet and a separate pocket for my phone that is easy to reach; this is where I’ll also put my purse and keys.

Talking about accessories, the only other accessories I wore on this shoot choker and a ring by Embody accessories, This is from their first collection which featured pieces made from intricately woven pieces, A stark contrast to their simple and elegant pieces from their latest collection I wore  here. So beautifully unpredictable. Check them out here

silvia njoki _embody accessories (1)

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