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My Skin Care Routine

Hello guys! On this video I am showing you my skin care routine. It has taken me a long time to do this publicly, because as a matter of principle I am committed to share only information on products that have really worked for me. So I was waiting long enough to be able to recommend these products confidently based on the great results I achieved with them โ€“ plus make sure that I mastered the process before documenting it.

The good news is that I have partnered with Oriflame https://ke.oriflame.com/ for this video to offer you a giveaway, so please let me know what challenges you have with your skin in the comment section below and we will get you:
1. A professional skin care consultation
2. A bag of a range of the latest skin care ingredients by Oriflame tailored just for you !


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  1. I have such oily skin, and am so tired of it, lol, too bad I cannot ditch it. my challenge is I i think I over cleanse it, then my forehead dries up, but my T zone is dripping with oil. what madness.

  2. Hello Silvia, as am commenting now i was researching on Skin care clinic in Nairobi, My skin i don’t know whether oily or normal is giving me hell. I have visited a derma twice in the past two years but after the treatment the acne starts all over again. I have gone for facials used different products from different companies which I can’t mention but acne and blackheads still remains. Kindly advice on the way forward.