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My Top 6 Quotes on Positive Living and Self-love

Nielsine MuthoniPositive thinking affects our attitude towards life and ourselves. Choosing to be optimistic or pessimistic affects our overall mental health and our take on various occurrences in our lives. I find that meditating over a good quote helps shift my mind out of a negative frame of mind.

I have saved a lot of quotes on my computer, And today I will share with you my top 6 quotes on positive living, paired with images by me and my friend Tintseh.

maya angelou quotes


I constantly try to feed myself with positive energy – a good book, a beautiful song, a relaxing trip, a good meal or a hearty laugh with friends. And by taking control of negative thoughts, And making a constant effort to replace them with positive vibes, I am a happier person.

silvia njoki quotes

Words are empty without actions. Actions are indeed louder than any voice, and even eloquent words are empty without execution. Speak less and do more. Children learn from what you DO, not what you say to them or ask them to do. I have had to adjust so much how I speak or act because my daughter is constantly soaking it all in. Being a parent has truly shaped me to be a better version of me.

nelson mandela quotes

This quote constantly gives me the courage to follow my heart and do things that make me happy, and pursue my passion at any cost. If you’re passionate about your career, your love life, your friends etc … your level of confidence naturally rises and you become a more productive person. A few years ago, I worked at a food factory while in University, pursuing a BSc in Food Science Nutrition and Technology, And while I had made a conscious decision to pursue this particular degree. I couldn’t fight the itch to work in fashion. One day, I realized I’d had enough – I guess you could say I became uninspired. I was not living my passion and I did not want to spend the rest of my life in a laboratory at the corner of a food factory, while reading fashion magazines on the sideline and watching Fashion TV … wondering what if?

I am glad I had a partner who supported me against all the backlash I received. 

And so  I followed my dream.

Initially I made a lot less money than most of my colleagues from college, but I never doubted the path I took, and since then I am always striving to outdo myself.

Once you start doing what you love, you never have to work for a day in your life (another favorite quote)

I am happy and I am living my dream….

j cole quotes

J.cole couldn’t have said it any better!  Many women suffer from severe low self-esteem. I certainly have. And it’s natural for us to be intimidated by other’s, especially with the rise of social media where everybody flaunts their oh-so-perfect lives.

Perfect is boring. Imagine a life where all the girls looked like the lady on the runway ? boring.

I could get various plastic surgery procedures, comparing myself to others and crying about what I could not change everyday…

I could spend the rest of my life stressing about my post-pregnancy stretch marks… This is one of  my many  beautiful flaws I CANNOT change, but I CAN change my attitude. Real self confidence, is based on emotion, not a self image. That simple thought, changed my mindset and helped me embrace my perfect imperfections.

And there is definitely no room in my life for anybody who speaks down on me for how I look, or any other woman as a matter of fact.

Regina Brett quotes

Time heals, sadly It doesn’t cure.

The scars will always be there, but it gets better with time.

“After an injury, a scar is what makes you whole.”

This is  how I view heartbreaks and painful emotional trauma, as scars that will always be a part of me.

Give time, time. And believe me, It does get better. The scars only serves as a constant reminder that makes us stronger.

bob marley quotes

I love Bob Marley, Nothing like a cup of coffee/tea and a good Bob Marley song in the morning!

I  digress.

I have had a few broken friendships; friends who have hurt me, making it so hard to trust them again. Trust means a lot to me,  Yet I have been back stabbed and let down numerous times.

Some would say that no one is worth suffering for. But what about all the beautiful memories and love?

Every relationship  and friendship has its share of joy, laughter, hurt and tears. It is your choice to decide whether or not the pain outweighs the joy and laughter you get out of it.

My life isn’t perfect and sometimes it is even hard for me to relate to this quotes when I am going through a difficult time. But while trying to find calmness in my storm, I find meaning and value in these words that resonate deeply within me.