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Baby Style Update and styling tips

I recently started an outfit diary for my daughter on instagram – look up @lil_edgykenyan, Where I will do frequent posts of her day-to-day outfits.

However, I will still continue to update my favorites here on the blog. And this post will bring you up to date on some of my best-loved ensembles that she has been adorning since her last style update here

And I will also share a few tips with every look (as some of you have requested)

It’s not always easy playing dress up with her, She is now at an age where she wants to choose what to wear. But one thing that has kept it fun for us, is letting her pick her outfits as often as she can, to encourage some sort of independence. I also don’t let her try more than 2 outfits at a time. A dress up song also works magic in keeping up the fun !

1. Cartoonie


Kids love animals and cartoon characters, especially if they can relate to them. For instance if its on one of her plates, cups, bags etc.


2. Check out other clothing sections




I bought the belt above at the boys section ! I also got her best pair of blue jeans at that section. It doesn’t hurt to check it out… you might be pleasantly surprised.



IMG_0980 copy



Most of the time, I am down at the  sunny coast with her, and I do not get to layer her outfits as often as I do in a cooler Nairobi. When layering, think waistcoats, scarves and vests. Just make sure they do not overpower the baby’s tiny frame

4. Hair accessories

nielsine3nielsine4 copy



I love going wild with hair accessories! You may not always find these fun pieces in the kids section. Actually most of the accessories she has worn on this post are from the adult accessories section. I find them more fun, plus slightly bigger and therefore not too tight on her head.

4. Trade the dress

IMG_1038 copy



I have a love/hate relationship with dresses on little girls. A baby wants to roll in the sand! climb on stuff! and jump around!  and dresses may not always be accommodating. So for the days when I know that play will be key, I steer away from dresses. A fun option is rompers and dungarees; I find them extremely cute and fashionable as compared to shorts or trousers.

speak soon xx

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