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No Shoulders Please! A Breakdown of My Jam-Packed Weekend

This time of the year is when the Nairobi social calendar is very active, and whenever I open my inbox I am flooded with invites for events and gatherings which are sometimes too many for me to accept. And my thoughts go back to my early youth. During my early university years, I dreamt of going to some of the concerts of the artists which I loved or getting into a few red carpet events, but nobody invited me, I couldn’t always afford tickets for the concerts and most of the events were exclusive anyway. I never complained. I accepted that this was how my life was.
Then I had the lucky break of being employed by the Standard newspaper, and once in a while, my editor would let me have one of the free tickets which the paper received in order for the journalists to cover concerts and events. Life was looking decidedly better and I loved these opportunities to get out and feel part of the pulsating social life. And I still remember the excitement when once in a blue moon I would get a back-stage pass or a ticket to one of the after parties where I might meet face to face with one of the artists or one of the attending celebrities. Life was certainly looking and feeling a lot merrier.
Launching this blog a couple of years later generated more interest for me to attend events and report on them, and my life blossomed. Fast forward to today when I am being literally overwhelmed by the interest which the organizers of red carpet events, concerts and social gatherings are showing in having me attend purely on my own merit shows how far hard work and consistency can bring you.

And this coming weekend is a perfect example of where I have come to.
Tonight, I will be attending the award ceremony of OLX-SOMA in order to cover the red carpet fashion. Being a SOMA award winner myself I am determined to give it my best and report on the evening on StyleYetu.
Bright and early on Saturday morning I head out to give a talk to young moms at an event organized by Amira Africa dubbed Elevating Young Mothers. Its central theme is to inspire young mothers in matters relating to motherhood and still being able to enjoy their youth and pursue their dreams. I love to share my experience in this way and look forward to an enjoyable morning and afternoon.
Once I am free to leave I shall dash out to change then head out for a party hosted by Coca-Cola where we get to meet and mingle with Trey Songz. Later, there will be a fantastic concert with one of my favorite reggae artists – Romain Virgo.

On Sunday I have a quick shoot then catch a flight to be with my daughter at the coast. You can follow me on snapchat @silvianjoki to keep up with my adventures.
My life may be enviable to many and I am living a life I once dreamt of, but the truth is, It does sometimes get overwhelming.
This is the outfit I was planning to wear to the mom talk tomorrow afternoon. But since I will be in heels all weekend, I decided to go for a different outfit that would pair well with flats for the daytime mommy session, I will share pictures as soon as I can.

As you can see, I am living for no shoulders these days. What is your current favorite trend?

Top same here, Skirt – The Fia Factory Earringshere

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Photos by Charles Ngomo at The Concord