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I wish first of all to pay tribute to the beautiful but often overlooked Lake Magadi which provided the perfect location for this shoot, as well as several others which I did during an enjoyable weekend at the tented camp of Lake Magadi. A really memorable stay, which I shall cover in a subsequent post.

Photography – Charles Ngomo of Royal Reel Photography

One of the things I never leave behind is my mobile phone which keeps me connected no matter where I go in Kenya (even at such a remote location) and which gives me pleasure and endless enjoyment as I discover, explore and unlock more and more of its surprising features. There can be no doubt that the relationship to our phones has changed dramatically over the past 5-10 years. From simply being a handy telephone with the great advantage of mobility, the mobile phone has evolved into an amazing multiple purpose device, which very few of us could live without. I certainly couldn’t. My smart phone, which truly deserves this name, rarely leaves my hand. I have had to synchronize it with my less portable gadgets like laptop, TV and bulky digital camera for most daily uses. Especially when I am on the go. Given my love for fashion, it would not be an exaggeration to say that I also want my phone to match my style. I now consider it as one of my dearest and most stunning accessories when I wish to add an extra golden dazzle to an outfit.

It’s amazing how technology has entered our lives in a very big way. Most of us seriously depend on staying in touch with our friends and contacts on the phone; the need to continuously follow what is happening on the Internet and be at the forefront of social media has consumed us. I saw on twitter the other day, that for most Kenyans the first thing we do when entering a bar or restaurant is ask for the WiFi password even before we look at the menu! And in fact some of us rank such establishments not only on the quality of what they serve but also on the speed of their WiFi connection. Being connected is key. And for me as a blogger, the Internet is my hub and the driving force of my career. Without any doubt my phone is not only a beautiful accessory, but also a primary tool for maintaining a high level presence on the World Wide Web.

Earrings and Rings- Adele Dejak, Sunglasses- Gifted, Dress- Contact

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